Traditional Roman Catholic Priest

God has been so good to let me travel here to Rome and to be able to attend the Priestly Ordination o Massimo Botta (Fraternity of St. Peter) at SS Trinita dei Pellegrini.  Two other priest were ordained with him for the Traditional Order of the Redemterist in Scotland.

IMG_0209I am traveling with Fr. Carney from Kansas and Steve and Margarita Christensen from Ripon.

IMG_0169While working in Mexico the last 3 years, Italians from Rome have come to help the poor and to spread the catholic faith.  They have invited me over and over.  So I was blessed to have them pick us at the airport and they have so generously put us up at Collegio Sacerdotale “Giovanni Paolo II, that is run by the Legionaries of Christ.  My friends belong to the group, Renum Christi that makes up the portion of lay people that work with the Legionaries of Christ.
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  They do so much good trying to live and spread the Gospel as lay people.  They will again be in Malinalco Mexico in August.

The first night here at the Collegio Sacerdotale I met priest from all over the world.  They were all interested in the Holy Latin Mass.  There was in particular a very young priest from Korea.  He is studying systematic theology.  He understood everything that is going on in the church.  He also has noticed that it is the youth that want the Holy Latin Mass in Korea and other places he has stayed. He also said that the reason we are loosing so many catholics is because we the priests and bishops are not living what the church teaches and the lack of the sacred encountered in the church today.

Today I offered my Holy Latin Mass at 3:00 in the morning because I could not sleep (time Change).  Then I slept a few more hours and went to a nearby city to sing for Don Massimo’s first mass.

His mother beg me to go because the cathedral in his home diocese had made it so hard for Fr. Massimo to have a Latin Mass there.  Finally they got permission and wanted it to be the best 1st Latin Mass.  So they need us priests and seminarians to sing in the schola.  While preparing for the Mass in the sacristy, a priest from the cathedral was screaming at Fr. Massimo’s priest friend.  I went over and shook hands with the priest who was so angry.  He smiled at me.

A few great stories.  Yesterday there was wonderful reception way far from Rome.  I had tentatively set up a meeting with my friends here in Rome to get together in the afternoon.  But the only way to get back to Rome was on the private bus they had hired to take us and return us.  But it wasn’t leaving till late.  I left my cell phone home and had no way to let my friends know that the bus that was bringing us back would be late.  I just kept on praying.  When we finally got back there was a card under the door telling me they were coming to pick me up for dinner at 7:30.  It was 7:35.  We walked to the church where they had told us to go and everything went wonderful.  We had a great dinner together talking about how we can help people get to heaven and not go to hell.

IMG_0253Now back to today.  I organized to meet Fr. Carney at 7:15 to leave for the town where Fr. Massimo was going to have his first Tridentine Mass.  But he was late because he had to wait to say his mass when another priest here was saying him mass.  First we got on a bus with no ticket (we didn’t have time to buy one or know where to buy one.  Then we went to the Train station Termini to get the train Fr. Massimo had told us to take at 8:30.  When we got to the train station, there was no train leaving for this town till after his Latin Mass was to start.  Fr. Carney and I gave up.   So we went to buy a map to find the hotel where Margarita and Steve were staying.  Just then another priest showed up who was also going to the First Mass.  He is Brazilian and Italian.  He found a train leaving right then that was to go to where we wanted to go.  But we had no time to get a ticket.  We just jumped on and let what ever was to happen happen.  For the whole trip no conductor came, so we were fine.  But then the train ended at a place far from where the Mass was to be.  So we got out and tried hitchhiking.  But no one picked us up.  So we walked to where they said there was a bus to go to the village.  When we got to the stop, it looked like it would be a long time to get the next bus.  So we decided to pay for a taxi.  Just as we walked to find a taxi, the bus came.  Again we had no ticket.  But we just jumped on.  I tried to explain to the driver the situation.  Anyway we got to the town and took a taxi to the cathedral.  We made it in time to hear confessions, get ready and to pray.  God was so good.  There were many other small details that I am not putting in that were miraculous too.

But of what all that had happened, the greatest gifts, was the priest who accompanied us being such a great traditional priest.  He is so well educated and knows what is going on.  But as usual he is greatly shunned, like most of the good traditional priests.
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  Here there were three priest traveling around in cassocks and all three of us have been mistreated.  The priest that can do the most for the salvation of souls are kicked out by the bishop’s or other priests.  So please pray for him and all of us priests who are trying to be faithful.

But we all experience great joy watching God getting us to the First Latin Mass and the joy of all the other traditional priest who came to it.  It is a great joy to know and live traditional truth. IMG_0191Yesterday on the bus to the reception I had such a wonderful and encouraging discussion with Fr. Berg who is the head of the Fraternity of St. Peter.  He listened and encouraged me in my desire to start an order to spread the Holy Latin Mass all over the world.  Thank you Fr. Berg and all those who are helping me.  Here in Rome is a great place to work because priest come from all over the world to study.

Having a very hard time finding WiFi.  Am at a restaurant but it is so so slow.  So much for being a Tech Traditional Missionary