Traditionalist Care about Souls and the World

Eucharistic King_FSSP RomeReceived this email:

“Dear Fr. Carota,

I felt lead to start reading you blog. My name is Kelly and I am a Catholic school Principal, or maybe I should say I was a Catholic school Principal as it was announced our school would not be opening for the next school year. I want you to know that I had to deal with the “cowardice” every day as I fought against both religious leaders and secularism. I was the one at the Parish Council meetings who stood up and told the group that we needed to be more concerned about nurturing our young Catholics rather than discussing Bingo. When the school struggling financially the blame game started. With a pure heart and a love for our Lord, I tried to lead the souls in the right direction. I was ridiculed by teachers who said I made the school “too religious” and other teachers who were upset when I made sure the long version of the St.
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Michael Prayer was said every Friday to protect the children over the weekend. I tried so hard to bring back the faith especially by saying the Rosary with the middle school students. In addition, I would offer each day (over the loud speaker) to the Immaculate Heart of Mary for the conversion of the US, Russia, and the whole world.

About 6 months ago, I was lead by God to attend my first Latin Mass. I was convinced from day one that this was how a Mass should be. My young daughters get excited to wear their chapel veils and hear the Mass in it’s traditional ancient form. I admire our young diocesan priest for taking a stand to say the Latin Mass and telling the truth about sin and the devil. Many Priests are afraid to tell people they are doing the wrong thing. Vatican ii has removed the devil and sin from our lives. In the past few years things have become very clear to me involving my faith. I feel Gods pain that so many are not going to Mass and our world has become cruel and uncaring.
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We lack compassion for others. I saw it with my Catholic school closing. People were so quick to walk away.”

offerinYesterday Michelle, from North Carolina, met with me to talk about how things are going in the Latin Mass world.  Michelle, Chris and James have worked hard to bring the Holy Latin Mass to Charlottesville North Carolina.  They were able to get support from the Ecclesia Dei in Rome to have the Latin Mass every Sunday.

So for all of you who are not getting anywhere with your bishop and priests, write to Ecclesia Dei.  They will help you.  Even if you have to travel to Rome to get listened to.

It was such a joy to visit with Michelle and to have someone to talk with who only wants the best for the Church, the world and her family.  She was Lutheran and by going to one Pontifical High Latin Mass she was converted.  But someone took her to this Holy Beautiful Mass.  We need to take more people to the High Mass.

The Low Latin Mass is very contemplative, but is for more spiritually advanced people.  The beauty of the High Mass (music, vestments, altar boys, priest, deacon, subdeacon) touches the hearts of anyone who truly loves God.

One thing that Michelle regrets that they only asking for one latin mass in a Novus Ordo Parish.  They were given the 12:30 Spanish mass time. Since there are many children at the Latin Mass and it is obligatory for them to go to Catechism Sunday morning at 9am, they have to go to church twice Sunday, catechism and then return for Holy Mass later.

What they regret is that they did not ask for a Tridentine Mass Parish.  They are just guest now with a table for the altar and they need to move everything around each Sunday.  Pray that they will have their own traditional parish some day.

I am writing this while driving to San Francisco to leave for the conference on Sacred Liturgy in Rome June 25 – 28.  We will be meeting with Cardinal Burke and Cardinal Ranjith, both cardinals very much in favor of the Holy Latin Mass.  There also will be bishops and priests from all over the world.  Many people I have met traveling around the United States will be assisting at this conference.

IMG_0163Again today many friends from Escalon and Ripon Ca, and mostly Mexicans, came to wish me well on my trip.  One mother brought her child that I encouraged her to have.  She told me that she, her husband and children are so happy now that she has this new baby thanks to traditional morality on not using birth control.  We see children as a blessing.

IMG_0150Another came who was told by her doctor to abort her girl or she would die. I sadly told her she would have to pray, trust God and if need be die.  Her daughter is called Milagrosa (miracle in Spanish) for having been born fine and the mother is fine too.

IMG_9393Another woman told me today that the doctors told her to abort her son (Christian) who can not walk.  Pray for him that he will walk someday.  But imagine if she had listen to them.  She would have that guilt and Christian would not be here with his smile and love.

IMG_0157These Mexicans are trying to grow to be good catholics.  I encourage them to dress modestly and to go to the Latin Mass.  They appreciate what I do to help them and are trying hard to be good parents and good catholics.  The closer you are to God, the better parent you will be.  The better parent you are, the less problems your children will encounter in their lives.  They will not have to recover from all their childhood traumas.

piuxXIIMassI will be in Rome till July 1st. when I return to California.  The next day, a family will drive with me back to Phoenix Arizona (St. Catherine of Siena Parish).