Traditional Life and Death Inside

Visited yesterday a friend of mine who is a Doctor.  My self as a priest and doctors are around a lot of death.  But my friend told me what is harder on him is the amount of patients he sees who are dead inside.  He tries antidepressants and other things, but they are still dead inside.
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Angel appearance to the shepherds_Lawrence Saint stained glassWe traditionalist know that sin is what kills the spiritual life in the soul.  The soul is the center of the person.  So if you are in the state of mortal sin, you have no sanctifying grace in you.  You have kicked God and His life out.

St. Theresa of Avila describes it as a container of water.  When you are confessed and living a holy life your souls is like a vessel of crystal clear water.  Venial sins make the water dirty.  One Mortal sin brings in all sorts of monsters and creepy things and the water is pure darkness.
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eucharist-angelsWhy would we want our souls or the souls of others to be so sick.  Would we let our friends be so sick physically and not take them to a doctor?  That is why we traditional catholics care so much about helping people leave sin and find the life of God again in their lives.

Went to the Abortion Mill in Modesto California yesterday and was blessed to be with two of my priests friends, Fr. Joseph Illo and Fr. Mark Wagner.  We all three together prayed the latin exorcism prayer over the clinic.

IMG_0125IMG_0118photoToday we were blessed to have a beautiful gathering of traditional catholics.  We prayed and ate together.  We gather to help each other to be holy and good catholics.  We encourage each other to have healthy and happy families.  We are so bless to have so much love and goodness.  If only the world could experience a little of what we have.  IMG_0143IMG_0138IMG_0149IMG_0142IMG_0145IMG_0146Then there would not be so much loneliness and sadness.

As we become closer to Jesus Christ we become a better priest, father, mother, son, daughter, neighbor and friend.   We can give love and expect nothing in return.