Traditional Stewardesses and Progressive Cowardliness

Yesterday had lunch with the nuns from the hospital.  I tried my best to explain what is happening to me and my desire to promote the Holy Latin Mass.  But as you can imagine, they see me as a priest from out of space.  They are nuns who love Jesus and help the sick everyday.  God bless them for this.  But there is much more to God’s church than the simple daily mass and service to the poor.

IMG_0086Behind all the world’s problems, is the reality that we are just go along with the way things happen to be.  On her great blog, Ann Barnhardt sums up all the problems in the world today to one concept, one word, “Cowardliness”.  We are so much conformers to the way things are and the way things are going that we just go on as if everything is fine.  Few people analyze why we are messed up in the world and in the church.   And even fewer try to do anything about it.  Most just go along with how everyone thinks and acts.

IMG_0087God needs a few holy people who are willing to pray, think and change the course of events starting with ourselves.  Few people want to rock the boat.  Well I want to restore the BOAT, the church.

Are you really that busy that you do not have time to pray and analyze?  We need to take stock of our families, our lives and our soul.

I visited with the patients and told them good bye.  I gave them individual blessings.  It is so important that we take a few minutes to listen to someone, to smile at someone, and to pray for others.

I visited families, went to the chapel and got my prayers done.  I had to start packing and putting things away till next visit here to Malinalco.

IMG_0108Started off this morning with an early Holy Latin Mass and final packing.  We took a taxi to the airport with two other american youth.  Had a great discussion as usual about confession and our souls.

On the plane, one of the stewardesses was Maria who is Irish.  She came up to me and offered anything that she could do for me.  She worked in first class, so she brought myself and the lady next to me a first class meal.  (She didn’t want the lady whom I had been visiting to feel left out).  It made me so happy to be so respected by a stranger.  I showed her my photos from Mexico and told her about my love for traditional catholicism.  She gave me a bottle of wine with a nice note. I gave her my blog.  On the napkin where I wrote the blog I wrote a little thank you note.
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  She told me she would never loose that simple note.  All I did was to write a little prayer on a napkin.

IMG_0109Then at the end of the flight, I went to the bathroom.  But I never made it.  The other stewardess started talking to me and told me that she was an ex catholic.  But in around 2 minutes, we were deeply discussing catholicism.  She likes art and appreciates the beauty of traditional catholic churches.  She told me she did not believe in confession.  Well I explained how the divine action of God works through the sacraments.  She really caught on fast.

BXVI flowers4hp7I told her how when you are a holy catholic and confess your sins you make a better friend and become a person who cares about others more than yourself.  She then told me that she could see the goodness in me and appreciated it very much.  She agreed that if we were all pure (holy) people we could be better friends and love each other.  I explained when you are a converted catholic you are not out to exploit others and you tend to be a better person.  Just before the plane was landing, she gave me a hug and we truly understood what was important in life (God, love, good people, beauty).

She also told me about what she saw on the plane today. “A couple wanted food but for some reason could not buy it.  A lady across the aisle from them offered to pay for their food.  She could have given the food for free, but she charged them for one of the meals just so they could have the joy of doing something charitable.”

I also encouraged the lady next to me to become catholic.  She was very kind and we also had great discussions.  I left the plane so full of joy experiencing how God had worked.  Because I wear the cassock it does make a difference.  Because I love it also make a difference.

So we need bold traditional catholics, not conformist progressives.  By being holy, you will be a loving friend to many people who need to find loving, giving, and holy people in a world that is very selfish and cutthroat.  It is so wonderful to be a traditional catholic.  It is a lot of fun traveling and meeting wonderful people.