Doing God’s Will Like Mary to Restore Traditional Catholicism

Most of us want to help our church and convert the world.  So how do we do this.  I think we need to concentrate on doing what God wants or in other words completing God’s will.  I say this because it can seem impossible to restore tradition in the church and help change the world.  But if each one of us are truly trying to do God’s will, than He will have to do the rest.

248_Fatima02Mary was just one person.  Yes she had a very special vocation and received special graces to carry out her mission.  But nevertheless she was just one woman in a huge and difficult world.  She was open to God and to complete what ever He asked of her as a slave of the Lord.  I am sure she went through times where she wondered if her small part was going to make a difference.   But she never gave up.

rosary-madonna6Without Mary’s yes, we would not have the birth of the Savior of the world, Jesus.

She went through great suffering to support her child Jesus in His mission.  So we need to see how much she suffered to remember we too will suffer greatly to bring about the restoration of catholic traditionalism.

vatican-2-openedVatican II open the church  and the people have exited (what the cartoon says).

We are doing our small part.  Let us get on with what God is calling us to do.

Today was asked to bless a restaurant and two homes.  I do it gladly, but I give a talk before to everyone to see if they want to be really good catholics.  This take so much time and effort.  I could just bless the places, but the people who live in them are still the same. Devils and evil spirits, who cause trouble in the homes, come from the people living in them and their sins. First the conversion of the people and then God’s blessing will come and stay.

IMG_0070The families who are some what converted have at least one person who has gone on a retreat.  So I am planning on starting to give traditional catholic retreats where ever I can.  That will include the Holy Latin Mass, and an explanation of traditional spirituality.  Maybe you who are reading this can organize one too in your area with a traditional priest.

As the Our Father says “thy will be done”, may we make an effort to do the will of God even when what He is asking of us seems very difficult like it was for Mary and Jesus.

Brooklyn_Museum_-_Our_Lady_of_the_Rosary_with_SaintsIt is never easy to know what is the will of God.  One way of trying to do it is getting out of our little worlds and opening our hearts to hear God’s spirit calling us to do great things.  Prayer helps us too to listen to find out what Jesus would like us to do.

When we have an inclination of what God may be asking us to do, we cannot let fear or other people stop us from trying to do what God wants.  We try.  If we keep trying and it all fails, maybe it is not the Will of God.  Just trying to be open to God’s will and doing it, makes God and Mary very happy.

You can stay with the world and the crowd.  You can be one in 7 billion +, but where is the joy of trying to do something special, beautiful, sacred and great for God?

IMG_0064This man Don Thomas is blind and tries to do God’s will.  He prays and tells his family  what is good and bad.   He directs his steps by the ropes you see in the picture and a cane.  He is 92 years old.  Maybe we need to blindly follow the rope that God is offering us.

IMG_0066This old lady tries her best to do prayers and encourage her family to be good catholics.