Traditional Sacrifice of the Holy Latin Mass or Traditional Aztec Human Sacrifices

I now have met three catholics here in Mexico (from the USA) who are here studying indigenous religions like the Aztec Religion.  Why is there such a respect for ancient pagan religions and such adamant objection to ancient catholic religion?

When St. Patrick went to Ireland to convert the pagans there, it was so difficult and dangerous.  The druids and witches were powerful and possessed.  Did you know that when the Irish would go to war they would get possessed and go at it killing the other clan.

Here in Mexico, when Cortez arrived, they found a long wall of skulls of those who were sacrificed.   Literally rivers of blood flowed down the pyramids from the human sacrifices.  Most people will discount this and say it was very rare.  No, it was real and we have a great deal of historical writings from this time in 1530.  It was only less than 500 years ago.

skulls from Aztec ritualIf you practice the Wiccan religion or the Aztec religion, you can do what ever you want to do because there is absolutely no religious structure or hierarchy left that one would have to follow.  There’s no 10 commandments.  There are no prohibitions still in effect today.

Believe me, before it was not like that.  The Aztec society enforced many strict rules and religious practices.  So today people return to a false concept of the Aztec and Wiccan religion.  It was not a joy when your most loved family member was sacrificed to demons.  These pictures were taken by archeologist in Mexico.

skulls from Aztec ritual 2When you believe in pagan religion with many gods and rituals, you open yourself up to evil spirits and fear.  If others can do what you are doing, than maybe someone will do evil spells on you too.  Where there is witchcraft here in Mexico, the people are afraid of it very much.  We who believe in Jesus, do not have to be afraid of witchcraft and other superstitions.  We are protected by Jesus.  His religion is a religion based on Love and on the Divine power of Goodness.

BurkeTreviso4Now, when it comes to ancient catholicism, it is not attractive, because it is still actually being practiced in the same way it was centuries ago.  Yes, everything changed in the catholic church since Vatican II 50 years ago, but there still are a great deal of traditional catholics like the Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP) and the Society of St. Pius X who never changed.  So you can get a personal experience of it right now.  There are many other groups of traditional catholics too who are continuing to practice the traditional catholic faith.  Since Summorum Pontificum you can experience at least the Holy Tridentine Mass in many places around the world now.

Baroque Altar CardBut you can not go and find a living group of Aztecs practicing what they did centuries ago.  People try to re live what has been dead for centuries.  They can make up any rule they want, like using any kind of drug they want for recreational religious experiences.

So I propose introducing traditional catholic religion as an interesting religious study for the young people who are interested in going back.  I also clearly speak of the horrors of human sacrifice.

In the psalms we pray in the divine office, we read about the Israelites sacrificing their sons and daughters to demons.  It was real.  It is horror.  Some people say that is what abortion is today, sacrificing our pre-born babies to the demons.

IMG_8743Today I went to another city to try to fix one of the car’s radiators.  I then went to visit some carmelite nuns.  I heard confession of one of them who is 93 years old.  In this city of Tenancingo the people are all so interested in talking with me because I am a catholic priest and can tell it because of my cassock.  I kept blessing strangers and smiling at them.

I got the radiator mechanic to let me take down all his calendars of half nude women.  I am working on another electrical mechanic to let me do the same in his shop.  I work on women dressing modestly and with dresses and men taking down their bad pictures.

pascualbailon02So let us keep on praying and working for the rediscovery of the Ancient Roman Rite of the Tridentine Mass.  Then maybe not so many of our catholic youth will go back to the ancient pagan rites like the Wiccans, Aztecs and satanists.  Doesn’t it make you content that you are leading the youth to the wonderful faith of the ancient christians.  We are so fortunate to know all this.  The traditional catholic counter revolution is being carried out mainly by young catholics.  B. S. of the old liberals will eventually be replace by Y. T. C.  The biological solution of the old liberals dying off, will eventually be replaced by the young traditional catholics.