Traditional Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi, Lex Vivendi

How can we as priest or lay people help restore the Holy Catholic Church?  Last night I was visiting a family and they had a Novus Ordo mass from the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe on their TV.  For most people they would have just seen it as another ordinary Mass.  But for me, it is so uninteresting.  Yes God is working through the Word of God and the Consecration of the Host and Precious Blood.  But when you have experienced the Tridentine Mass which truly is the “Most Beautiful Prayer this side of Heaven”, you see the deficiency of the Novus Ordo Mass.  Simply and in love show people the difference.Il Santo Sacrificio della Messa 04bPurgatory Mass

What struck me first was the presider seated in center where the Tabernacle use to be.  Then the difference in the vestments which all the priests were wearing.  Then watching the people receive Holy Communion.  They were squished and had to squeeze in to receive.  There was no paten to catch the pieces of the Host that may fall.  And of course there was no one kneeling to receive the King of King’s in Holy Communion.   Nuovo-1

Of course my enemies who constantly criticize me for criticizing the Novus Ordo, see nothing wrong with all this.  In fact they see it as an improvement of the out of date Tridentine Mass.

But you who love the Sacred, the Beauty, the Reverence know exactly what I felt when seeing the Mass on Television.  There is also a Mass broadcasted from Los Angeles here in Spanish.  Again when I see it on TV, I just feel it is such a poor way of worshipping the Great God we believe in.  The Vestments, the Altar, the Music, it is lacking.

The greatest evidence we have, is what Pope Benedict said: “fabricated liturgy…a banal on-the-spot product,” which has divorced itself from the proper “organic, living process of growth and development” that takes place “over centuries.”  (Ratzinger, J., The Spirit of the Liturgy, pp. 165-6.  San Francisco: Ignatius Press, 2000.)  This is not what I am saying.  I know that he is correct from all the hours and hours I have studied about the the two Masses.  Pass on this quote to everyone you can.

You can hate Pope Benedict for saying this.  You can have your own opinion, but that will never change the truth.  Truth is truth is truth.  Please, everyone, study all you can about the two masses. Study all you can about Vatican II and the other Councils.  It all does matter and deserves prayer, time and study.

So we can try to talk to bishops, priests and lay people about what we have studied and experience.  We can pray that God will begin to help us in our mission of pleasing God with the Best liturgy.vespers advent 2010 i

So as we pray we believe.  As we believe we act.  Has anyone seen anything wrong in how we catholics are behaving lately.  I was at the gas station today and a young man was putting gas in the car with a bracelet with the marijuana leave on it.  Here is a catholic promoting marijuana.  So many people here in Mexico who are catholics have the marijuana leave on their shirts, hats and coats.

I went to bless another house today because people had broken in twice recently.  Who broke in, more than likely a catholic.  I told the family that they need to obey God’s laws too because stealing is breaking God’s law, but so is living together as they are not married.  It all counts.  As we pray we believe.  As we believe we act.  IMG_8482

We are so fortunate to know what is pleasing to God in our action and our beliefs.  We can help others by letting people know about what is good, pure and holy.  We tell people because we love God and love them.  Sin, liberalism hurts people.  Traditional truths and values heals people and protects them.