St. Tarcisius and More Faith

Traveled yesterday evening to a tiny town called Monte Grande (Large Mountain) to pray and exorcism prayer for a young woman who acts as if she is possessed.  I now know why this town is call that, because to get there, you had to drive up up up and up on a terrible road.  I have my parents very old chevy station wagon.  It has been using water in the radiator.  I had added water in the morning, but had used it a lot before we went.  I had not added more water.  So as we were driving up it started heating up up and up.

IMG_0048As I was noticing this, a lady, who went with us, began telling us a great story about St. Tarcisius.

Her husband had a cancerous tumor that was growing very quickly. They were told that they had to go to Mexico City to operate on it and it would be very expensive and dangerous.  In desperation she went to the Blessed Sacrament to pray.  While praying, a little boy came up to her and told her that all would work out well and that she would be a living witness to tell others what was to happen.  The little boy called her Tia (aunt).  He told her that he had been stoned to death.  His hands were very bony and scared.  He kept telling her to have faith and that all would work out.  There were many more things he told her, but I do not remember them right now.

IMG_0047Well, her husband had the operation and lived eight more years.  Now she has a small sanctuary for St. Tarcisius in her house.

Well after this great testimony, and as the car kept on heating up more and more, and the road kept on being steeper and rocky, I just kept praying and saying I need to have faith.  I would never had gone in the old car if I had know how high the town was.  But what do you do but keep on praying and driving.  The gage kept getting higher, and reached very close to the red mark, but never actually went on the red mark.  After an hour of driving like this, we made it without the car breaking down.   There were no towns or stores on the way up.  IMG_0046

Then we prayed for the young lady who seems possessed and blessed another house where they are seeing a black shadow that calls them to come to it.  These young women are living with two brothers who are now in Fresno California.  I told them I can bless the house, but living in sin is what is inviting the devil into their lives and home.

IMG_0045By then the car had cooled down, and I started it and put water in the radiator.  We headed back down the road.  I put the car in low and tried to not ride the breaks.  Things were fine until the break pedal started going down to the car floor.  I pumped it up and we had brakes again.  But it kept getting like that and we had miles of steep incline still to go.  Again I got everyone to start the Rosary.  I kept asking God for more faith.  I said something about the brakes, but did not explain the real danger I was experiencing.  We would just drive over the cliff if the brakes failed.  Well by God’s grace, St. Tarcisius and the Rosary I am alive and able to write this blog.  So I just am telling this so you all will have more faith.

The Carmelites, who have a convent near Malinalco, have raised money to build these simple houses for the poor.  This is something wonderful that is happening.  Thanks be to God for some good.  Others are just Augustinian religious are charging money to the poor for masses and sacraments, like here in the parish of Malinalco.  When I was pastor we never charged for the sacraments or catechism.  We did have a suggested donation for weddings and 15 eras of $200.  But it was always explained that they did not need to pay anything if they wished.  Jesus says, what is received freely should be given freely.  It is a great scandal that the catholic church charges for everything.  We need to be generous and God will be generous with us.  Mother Theresa taught me that if you are doing God’s will, there will always be enough money.  The question is are we doing God’s will?  You can tell if you do not charge money for holy things and you still have more than enough money.  While at St. Patrick’s parish in Ripon Ca. there was always so much money.  It just would come and come.  We need to please God and He will take care of us.



Here is the man who is like a child and only has one leg.IMG_0039

Here is a photo of the blind lady and her daughter who I have visited and who has an alcoholic husband.  Pray for her.IMG_0035

We are so fortunate to know God and to know traditional catholic teaching.  We are also so fortunate to have faith in God.  We are so fortunate to be able to see and walk and have a house to live in.  Thank you God for everything.