Work of the Holy Ghost through the the Priesthood

Yesterday the party for Divine Child Jesus went very well.

IMG_0030Rushing around to help everyone who asks for help.  First went to another town to bless a house which is making a lot of noise.  Then again to the hospital because the nuns again asked for the Novus Ordo Mass for the sick.  Then off to hear confessions at the parish.  We then were invited to lunch with an American Mexican family who come here from Mexico City on the weekends.  They told us more or less where the house was, but we were lost.  Then this lady comes up to the car asking me to go to her house a hour away to pray over her daughter who is deaf and dumb.  She acts as if she were possessed.  So right now I am waiting to drive there.  Then their friends asked me to bless a very of Crucifix.  Then I ended blessing it and the house.  IMG_0038

Finally I found the people who were very kind to all of us.  It was nice that even the servants sat and ate with us.  Round tables are great because the allow us to seat more people.IMG_0044

When I was confessing, the young woman told me why she wanted to confess with me.  Because the priest tell her some sins are alright.  But she is a catechist and knows better.  How horrible that there are priests telling people that sin is alright.  Many of you have heard the saying “the road to hell is paved with skulls of priests and bishops”.  Believe me I never made that saying up.  Google it if you do not believe me.

As I wait to go to Monte Grande to pray for the daughter, the kids are here playing soccer. There are so many.