Traditional Culture and Popular Culture

Alice Von Hildebrand has always impressed me as a cultured woman.  The form in the way she loves the Tridentine Mass, the way she thinks, the way she speaks and the way she dresses.  She also speaks many languages, has traveled all over the world and is well educated.

pius xii in tiaramessa-1963I was born on St. Albert the Great’s feast day, November 15.  In studying his life you see how far we have come from a truly cultured person.  He was born of a noble family and was educated in all the science.  In those times only the noble and wealthy could afford a cultural education.  But today anyone who wishes can learn all the sciences.  St. Albert the Great disciplined himself to study and memorize what was necessary to learn.  Later he gave up all his nobility and join the Dominican Order.  He was St. Thomas Aquinas teacher.

rub-hl-fam-detailIn the book that I have on St. Albert, you get the word “Magnanimous” or “Magnanimity”.  This great virtue is rarely found today.
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 St. Albert also gave himself totally to God in the service of the Catholic Church.
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 He applied himself to the sacred sciences of philosophy and theology.  None of this came easy.  It cost him greatly to memorize everything and came up with a system to do this.  It also cost him greatly to give up his nobility and marriage.  But he loved Jesus and His church so much, he was willing to sacrifice everything.

B_020_ConquistadoraWe see in St. Albert the Great, God’s grace, his great self sacrifice and discipline.  He and many of the saints can be called truly cultured catholic individuals.

To become “Magnanimous” one needs to be willing to sacrifice the ego for God.  One needs good parents that will be willing to encourage the children to become great for God’s sake.  Many want to be great the easy way by becoming an actor or a Steve Jobs.  Few are willing to put their gifts at the service of Jesus and His church and then get to studying and praying.  Thank you homeschooling parents.

Reliquia 2Many many streets and public squares in Europe are named after St. Albert the Great.  He is one of the men who formed the sciences everyone studies in school today.  People think that all the knowledge we have accumulated has come out of the clear blue sky yesterday.  The universities rarely give credit to all the catholic scientist who began the university systems and who discovered what we are building on in our scientific world of today.

Alice Von Hildebrand is one of those individuals who’s parents educated her well and who responded to it with discipline.  That is why when you hear her speak, you automatically recognize greatness or magnanimity.

Some people are given great intellects.  Others less.  But we all have a great deal to give to God.  Remember the parable of the Talents.  The king gave 5 talents to one, 2 to another and 1 to the last, each according to his ability.

Maybe you are very intelligent.  Maybe you have a lot of money.  Maybe you are very creative.  Maybe you have a lot of time.  Maybe you know a lot about the catholic church.  Maybe you have a great deal of experience with working with the poor.  Maybe you are a great doctor. Maybe you are a good mother or father.  What ever it may be, you do have a great deal to give to God if you really want to sacrifice what you have for a greater good.

IMG_0008How beautiful it is to give all your intelligence, money, time, and life at the service of the church and the poor.  The nuns here in Malinalco Mexico and the volunteers are giving in different degrees.

IMG_0013Many great little and big things continue to happen here in Mexico.  Whet to the Rosary again last night with many kids.  One kid is Diego who has a retarded mother and is spastic.  But he put in 120 % of effort to get up on the slide on his own.  He only would let me help him when he was stuck.  He would struggle, get banged, but would still go on trying.  He is a good example for us who have so much and do so little with it.

IMG_0010Then as walking home I was asked to go see another sick man.  He went to confession after many years too.

May this blog help all of us to reach Magnanimity.  Not so we can have public squares named after us, but to do great things for God.  It takes blind faith that God can take our gifts and do great things with them.  Let us ask for humility so we can be servants even if we are very rich and intelligent.  The end of the parable is when the kings says “well done good and faithful servant, enter into the joy of My Kingdom.

Let us use our talents for the restoration of the traditional catholic values and rites.  It is so wonderful to be part of a renewal of catholic culture.

Don’t forget that tomorrow is the feast of The Sacred Heart of Jesus.  If you pray the act of reparation for the Sacred Heart of Jesus and do the other required things; confess, receive communion, pray for the pope, you can receive a plenary indulgence.