Traditional Music and New Music

Music in the church and in the world should be two different things.  For so long the church taught that we should have Gregorian chant and the Organ.  Again the church has “changed”.  We have drums, we have electric guitars, and piano.  Basically what ever will please people. We have a musical show up front in church.

ordo missaeBefore, nothing profane was allowed in church music.  No theatre music or entertainment.  Google the history of catholic music and it’s rules.

Most music that has developed in the west was developed through the catholic church’s influence.  When you study music appreciation and history they will tell you this.

Now the world influences us and brings us sensual pleasure.  Profane music pleases the flesh, Gregorian music pleases the soul and lifts it up to God.

IMG_0020There is a place for pleasing music and religious songs in our catholic life.  But it should not be part of the Sacred Sacrifice of the Mass except for the somber songs that have been around for many years like “Faith of Our Fathers”.  Sentimental catholic songs can be listened to in the hall or a class room.

This question is; does the music you listen to help you be in contact with God and actually live a holy life?  Does it effect your action so that they become more loving and holy?

Went to a glass place where they were listening to Rap Music.  They shut it off when I said it was not good.  Then a man that worked there started telling me about how we should not have statues.  He was christian.  He also told me that as long as we all believe in God that is all that matters.  I said by no way.  We need to be catholics.  The muslims believe in Allah.  Are their actions good?  They continue to kill catholics and other christians in there countries right as I am writing this.  Is this good?  No.

Then came the same thing as always, (the first line of fire against catholics) is Mary and statues.  I tell them to reread Genesis and Exodus.  It says do not have Idols as graven images.  It does not say not to have images (statues and holy pictures).  As to Mary, St. Luke puts her in a very high place in his first chapter.  Then how did the first miracle that Jesus performed take place?  Mary.  She asked Jesus to change water into wine.  Why can she not still do the same today.  We catholics are not so stupid and evil as to adore statues.  They only represent true holy people who are with God in Heaven and interceding for us.

Everywhere I go here in Mexico the people are open to talk with me about God and the catholic faith.

IMG_9985IMG_9990IMG_9994Tonight and last night we had the holy rosary again dedicated to the Divine Child Jesus.  We were late going last night, so four kids and myself ran all the way.  A priest and four kids running gave everyone great joy.  It got them out of their little worlds and lifted them up.

16 BECCAFUMI ST PAULIt is so wonderful to know about what is pleasing to God about music, prayer and dress.  May we continue to help people grow closer to Jesus’ church and tradition.