Jesus or the World

Yesterday afternoon played a little soccer and then went and led a rosary dedicated to the Divine Child Jesus.  The place was so beautifully decorated.  10 years ago the son had a terrible accident on a motorcycle.  The mother has done this rosary and celebration every year to thank God that he survived.

Started today with the Holy Latin Mass.  I now have two altar boys every morning.

IMG_9959Again off to visit more sick people.  One man is depressed and stays in his room all the time.  After 12 years he went to confession.  His wife left him and his children.  Then off to see a man who had a stroke.  Then the people at the hospital.  There were children there who come for play and have lunch.  One can not walk and another can barely see.  In the United States you rarely see kids like this.  Another man came with his son who has convulsions and asked me to pray for him.

Misa clandestina 1It is such a different world.  When ever I hear confessions I ask them is they are ready to reject the world and live as true catholics.  We have too many people who go to confession and go on living in the world.  The world isn’t going anywhere that is Jesus oriented.

Gregory, mass of_ISENBRANT, AdriaenWe need to ask God and Mary for humility so we can truly see what we love and were we are going with our lives.
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  Pride keeps us from seeing how far we are away from what pleases God and Mary.  The world has blinded us.  “God take away these scales that blind me.
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  Let me see my soul as you see it.  Let me see my life and how I spend my time as you see it.  I want to please you Lord”.