Traditional Unity Versus Liberal Individualism

Again while here in Mexico we are studying Chris Ferrara’s book “Liberty, the God that Failed”.  These kind of books are hard to read.  All the Encyclicals of the catholic faith are hard to read.  It is so much easier to sit in front of the TV and be entertained than to study our catholic faith, philosophy or the Bible.

Then when you talk about deep profound things, others who do not take the time to study the Bible or the catholic faith condemn you for your beliefs.  We need to be humble and study the church fathers, the councils leading up to Vatican II and the Encyclicals of the popes.  I want to especially encourage the writings beginning with the council of Trent, Vatican I, Pope Pius IX, Pope Leo XIII, Pope Pius X on Modernism, Pope Pius XI and Pope Pius XII.  Then begin studying Pope John XXIII, Pope Paul VI, Pope John Paul, and Pope Benedict.  Minor Orders 11

In Chris Ferrara’s book, he covers the beginning of secular revolution coming out of the Enlightenment.  Now we are reading about the protestant revolution of individualism.  When Descarte began the idea that we prove everything from my own existence, that caused a egocentric understanding of truth and reality.  What I experience is real.  The other, I am not sure and will see if I agree or not.

Then comes Luther with egocentric scripture interpretations.  What I believe the Bible to mean.  From this every person is in a world of his own and a belief system that is based on their own experience.

We as catholics believe what Jesus left us in the Bible and the deposit of faith.  We also believe in what the fathers of the church passed on.  We also have great scripture scholars like St. Jerome.  St. Jerome lived close to the time of Christ, lived in Bethlehem, knew Hebrew, Greek and Latin.  He lived in a cave as a monk for years studying and praying the scriptures.  He translated the whole Bible from Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek into the Vulgate Latin translation.  I know that he knew way better the Bible than I do.  I trust his interpretation over my own.  Anyway he just passed on what the Apostles and other saints passed on.  Imagine how many saints have studied the Bible and passed on their insight to us over the 1980 years of the Holy Catholic Church.

This is why we are traditional catholics, because we believe in what was passed on through time to us through the power of the Holy Spirit working in the saints over the centuries.  We do not throw out whatever came before Vatican II.  We do not believe that all before was bad and needs to be thrown out.

We believe that the Word of God and the Catholic Traditions DO NOT CHANGE.   They can be expanded on and explained in a better way, but never do they change.  How often do we hear that the catholic church’s teachings have changed.  Over and over again we are told that now the church has changed and no long teaches that.  An example is praying with protestants.  I remember well that before Vatican II we could not go to protestant churches.  Then I remember it changing and that now it is allowed.  So that says the church was wrong before and defective and now has become correct.  I do not agree that the church was wrong before.  But since few catholics were alive then and lived through what I have, they believe I am wrong and know nothing of the past teachings of the church.

Another example is on the purpose of marriage.  Before it was to have children, to have a help mate in life, to overcome concupiscence.  Now it is said for unitive love and to procreate.  The value of Children has been subjugated and now we have few children.

It is so wonderful to be able to know tradition, history and catholic teaching.  May all of us take the time to pray, study and live our faith.  The church needs saints today more than ever.  The world needs saints more than ever too.  With God’s help we all can be holier, happier and healthier.  We traditionalist feel united together because we believe profoundly that the things of God count.  Liberal ideas just lead to individualism and “me”.  That is pretty lonely.  “We” is a much better way to live life.

IMG_9975Went to do “we” things by visiting the sick again and hearing confessions.  We also had lunch with a family and the nuns.  Then we blessed their house in the Latin Form.IMG_9977 IMG_9979