Non Traditional Mass and Need for the Latin Mass

The sisters of the Buen Samaritano Hospital asked me to do a mass for their sick.   They know that I want to only say the Tridentine Mass but they asked me to do the Novus Ordo Mass.  With great sadness I did.  I have not said the Novus Ordo Mass since I left my parish in November 2012.  Whenever I come here I help with masses and confessions in the hospital.   I am going to tell them that the patients can sit through a Tridentine Mass just as well as a Novus Ordo Mass.  They have a chapel where the patients can come.
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  The mass was said in the dinning room.  IMG_9964IMG_9962

I know that many can not understand why it is so hard for me to say the Novus Ordo Mass.  Simply putting it, the reverence and the order.

Then I went to Mexico City and accompanied Jessica.
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  She was traveling alone, so I thought it would be safer for me to accompany her and I was going to Mexico City anyway.  I also invited her to stay with my good friends rather than her staying in a hotel.

The Lopez family have opened their house to anyone in need of a place to stay.  They were so so kind to me and Jessica.  They also got up early 5:15, to go to the airport and pick up Josiah Yoshimura.  They even packed all of us a bag with water and snacks for the trip.  Kindness goes so far and makes me want to pass the kindness on to others.IMG_9969

Traveling around Mexico City you see the darkness entering Mexico.  The skulls, the hair styles.  Jessica said when she was traveling in a taxi, she understood the English words of the song of the devil.  She told the Taxi driver what he was listening too.  Also on the Metro there was a young man carrying a large statue of the Santa Muerte full of skulls at its base.

IMG_9965This is why it is so important for us to stand strong in traditional catholic faith.  The world is going literally to Hell.  We can not go with it.

I have decided to do a weather report on hell.  Today the temperature reach 40,000 degrees fahrenheit.  It was a rather cool day compared with most of this week.  Tomorrow it may get up into the 50,000s.

We went and visited a friend, Caterina, who broke both of her legs and has been house bound since December.  We had a great visit.  She has so much faith.  It is good to learn from old women who are good catholics.

Josiah came to help serve the Latin Mass and help the sick people at the hospital.  When I asked him what can we do when so few people want to be good catholics.  His answer was, “say the Latin Mass” and “help one person at a time”.  Then he started listing people like yourselves who really are taking your Catholic Faith seriously.  Thank you for doing your part to please God.   Not yourself or others, but God.