Non Traditional Pilgrimage to El Senor de Chalma

It is not a traditional pilgrimage, but it is a beautiful, prayerful pilgrimage.  We left the parish at 6:30 am walking to the Sanctuary of Chalma (Nuestro Senor de Chalma).  It is said that when the Augustinian Priests arrived there, in the cave where pagan idols were, the idols were all knocked over and this Crucifix appeared there.  IMG_9948IMG_9951

The priest who has not allowed me to say the Latin Mass in public was there to give us a blessing to start.  I went up and shook hands with him.  I hope we can work together.

IMG_9952I invited Jessica to come and she brought all the people from the house where she is staying.  The family believes in New Age energy and healing.

IMG_9955I also invited the family of the teenager who hung himself last year.  They were there early too.  We followed a car with speakers on the roof.  They played the Rosary and catholic songs.  It was very beautiful walking, singing and praying together.

At Chalma I was asked to hear confessions.  I did till mass started and then a sacristan asked me for my license as a priest.  I told him it was at home.  I did bring my Celebret.  But I have been coming and helping here for so many years and never had this happen before.  But that is the way the world and church is going.  We can not trust anyone.  How sad.  Hopefully you and I can be people that can be trusted.  Our lives and examples say so much.
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IMG_9957IMG_9956IMG_9958Because we had to leave the house at 6:10, I was not able to do all my Latin Breviary.  So when we got back, I had a long time praying to catch up.  Also said the Holy Latin Mass for the Queenship of Mary.  Mary is Queen because Jesus her son is KING OF THE UNIVERSE.  Let us obey our King, Jesus.

Then I went to try to change money and go shopping.  It took going to two banks to finally get some changed.  Also I get two electric bills, but there is only one meter.  So I am trying to get that worked out.  I had to take a photo and print it up to prove that there is only one meter.  A few days ago I paid one meter’s bill and now come to find out it is the other one that is mine.  They now have auto shut off when your bill gets to be so high.  Hopefully I get this settled before I leave.  Two years ago it took the whole time to get my electricity turned on.  I got it turned on the day before I left.  What about getting grace turned back on your soul.
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  How much light?  How much darkness?  Confession anyone???

All of you who care for the Church and for souls, thank you for your prayers and what you are attempting to do for Jesus and Mary.  God appreciates so much every prayer uttered, every kind deed done out of love.  Thank You and do not be discouraged.  You are making a difference.

It is God who has to do the big stuff, we are just His little servants.  We have the Rosary and Bible reflexion tonight at 7 pm.

Tomorrow I have Mass at the Hospital for the sick and then will take Jessica to Mexico City.  I am going to be there meet Josiah when he arrives at 5:30 am Sunday morning.