Joys and Trials of being a Traditional Missionary

As I was writing my blog at a computer cafe, I met a young American woman who is here in Mexico studying religion.  I invited her to the Rosary last evening and afterward took her and the mechanic Abdon to see “Catholicism in practice”, the sisters who take care of the sick.   Jessica is catholic and open to learn what ever I wish to share with her.

We visited with all the sick and old people that the nuns are taking care of.  Just imagine living in a hospital for the rest of your life (these people have no place to go and will live and die there).  So every visit is a blessing, especially if it comes with sincere love and care.  IMG_8704

Listening to people is so important.  People, including myself, need to be listened to with true care and interest.  Then to give a little traditional advice goes a long way.

Later I took Jessica to have coffee with the neighbors who welcomed her.  I walked her home because it was dark and the dogs are dangerous.  I took a broom to protect us.  When we arrived at the house she is staying, the woman there said she felt St. Martin De Porres had appeared, me with the Rosary in one hand and the broom in the other.  Just the dog was missing.

Jessica and two other women came for Holy Mass.  I explained that they could only receive Jesus in the Holy Communion if they believe totally in all that the Catholic church teaches as true and had gone to confession.  They respected what I said and did not receive Jesus’ Body and Blood.

In all honesty I was afraid to offend them, especially when I am just getting to know them.  But I told my self that I had to tell them and protect Jesus, especially today being Corpus Christi.  I especially reminded myself to protect the Body of Christ no matter what others may feel or think.

The main reason I am a traditional catholic priest is because I do love the Holy Eucharist.  In the Holy Tridentine Mass, every speck of the Body of Christ is carefully watched over to not be lost.  The Blood of Christ is carefully consumed with the patten under the chin to assure that not a slight drop of Jesus’ precious Blood may fall on the altar.  I could go on indefinitely with how much reverence and protection should be given to the Holy Body and Blood of Our Savior Jesus Christ.  Sacerdos Alter Christus - grande 2

Again the question?????  Is Jesus Truly present in the Host and Blood??  Is Jesus God??  Then how are we receiving Him.  How are we treating Him.  Do we let any specks fall from our hands?  Do we fall down in adoration of Our Loving Humble God who is truly present, Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity in the Holy Communion.

Jessica is giving art lessons to the neighborhood kids.  They are making paintings of Our Blessed Virgin Mary.   IMG_9947

Then today we went to Chalma to be with a family I helped last year.  Their 14 year old boy hung himself.  The other brother, who is younger, found him hanging.  But when I went to help them last year, by God’s grace the father knew my dad.  So it was easier for them to have confidence in me.  This family is going to walk with me from Malinalco to Chalma in a pilgrimage (not exactly a traditional pilgrimage).  We leave at 6:30 tomorrow morning.
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 I have invited Jessica too.  IMG_9949

Then we went to bless a house where they have found witchcraft things.  As we were driving down a ruff road the tire on my car got damaged and went flat when we arrived.  It took a few hours to get another tire.  But that is life and thanks be to God and all of your generosity, I could buy a new tire and be happy with what ever happens.

We are so fortunate to really believe in what is real, the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ.  He is always with us, waiting with arms open to receive us when we go to Him in the Blessed Sacrament.  Let us all work to spread love  for Jesus in the Holy Eucharist.  One of my friends, Jim Case, has always impressed me.  Around 15 years ago when I was at St. Jude’s in Ceres California, Jim would alway kneel to receive Holy Communion.  I was not traditional them, but it impressed me so much seeing a man kneel in adoration for Jesus.  Thank you for suffering here in our church of today to receive Jesus in Holy Communion on your knees.

The General Instructions of the Roman Missal was changed 3 years ago to not have the part of disciplining people for kneeling down to receive Jesus.  Look it up on the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops.  I will put it on the blog soon.

God will reward you for ever in Heaven for suffering to show respect to Him on earth.  We priest and bishops need to respect Jesus and those who respect Him.