Holy Rosary

While here in Mexico the pastor will not let me say the Holy Latin Mass in public, so I decided to pray the Holy Rosary with Bible Study.  Yesterday it was God’s plan to help me out, because there was already a Holy Rosary planned.  Every evening at 6 pm we are praying the Holy Rosary for all of you and for the salvation of Souls.  Friday we will walk at 6:30 in the morning to Chalma in pilgrimage.

Many children are attending and praying very well.

IMG_9943My nun friends came to my private Latin Mass and I went to their convent today to hear many confessions.

IMG_8390I am having a great discussion with the mechanic.  Now he is going to have me talk with his wife, who is a “catholic” but never practices it.  He was Seven day Adventist.  We talked about the spiritual battle that is beginning between the good and the bad.  He understands that the devil has so many means to destroy the innocence of the youth like the TV, and Music.  He told me about the mexican soap opera (Novelas) that now have a homosexual couple on it.

We are here to help others to know what it means to be 100% catholic.

Last night I was having coffee and mexican sweet bread (pan dulce) with Dona Lola.  I asked her why she didn’t wear pants.  She said it so well, “I am not a man”. We talked about how we can start sewing skirts.  My good friend, Lupis wore a skirt today.  One person at a time.

IMG_8160It is so good to be directed by God to what is holy and true in tradition.