Enemies of the Soul the devil, the world and the flesh

After the Holy Latin Mass, I helped a young woman with her problems.  She just went on a retreat and is going through a great deal of problems right now.  She and other friends had breakfast with me.  They asked me to go with them to visit the sick,  I said I needed to clean the house and if they would help me clean, then I could go with them.  They all helped and then we went to visit the sick and hear their confession.

IMG_7497This first is a young woman who is blind and has an alcoholic husband.  I have visited her before and just sat and listened to her sorrows.  She can do nothing except lie in bed.  She has a daughter who is 11 years old.  A couple of years ago she got married in the church after living together for some time.  Now she regrets this marriage.  Alcohol and drugs have destroyed so many homes.  Please pray for Camilia and her husband and daughter.  Camilia wanted to know why God allowed her to be sick and blind.

Answer:  God does not give us sickness.  God created man and woman to live in paradise forever.  When Adam and Eve rebelled against God, that is when sickness entered into the human condition.

Question???  What is the fruit of Sin?                                          Answer.  DEATH

Question???  What is the fruit of a holy life with Jesus?                   Answer.  LIFE

Crucifixion_GRECO, ElWhy do we blame God for the sicknesses and problems in the world.  God gave us a pure and holy creation.  We come and pollute it.  We drink soda.  We eat junk food.  We spray herbicides on the food and plants.  We live stressful lives.  We put birthcontol (estrogen) in the sewer which percolates into the ground water we drink.  We put preservatives in so much food we consume.

IMG_8141Sin brings depression.  Depression brings the lowering of the immune system.  Lowering of the immune system allows dormant sicknesses and cancer to emerge.
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  When I hear the news about crime or other bad things (murders, wars, robbery), this depresses us and brings down our immune system and we get sick.  So please, let us not blame God for the sicknesses we cause.  Jesus came to forgive sins and heal us.

Then I went to see Alberto who has cancer.  He is around 28 years old, married and has two children.  He is so positive in spite of already having his lower leg amputated.  He is on chemo therapy.  He said it is sad that we need a serious thing to happen before we get close to God.   He said now he appreciates every minute of life and understands that LIFE IS ONLY HANGING BY A VERY WEAK STRING.  What he means is that we are living in an illusion that we will live the next second.  In a second we could be dead.
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  That is why it is so important to live holy catholic lives right now.

We then went to see Don Tomas.  He is 90 years old and blind.  He has a great mind and great faith.  We spent a long time talking together.  He is blind but sees through the eyes of faith better than we do.  He reminded us of the three enemies we all struggle against; the devil, the world and the flesh.  And he understands the importance of and prays for the salvation of souls.  He also only stays in him room.  But he is living like a monk and doing us so so much spiritual good.

E004_SoulsInHell0Because we try to live traditional catholic lives of holiness, God protects us from so much suffering and we do not cause others to suffer by our sins.  Thank you God for Truth.