Mexico and Need for Catholic Tradition

I am sorry that I have not been putting anything on the Blog.  I have been unable to access internet that would allow me to write on my blog.  I am in Mexico since Saturday and finally was able to go to an internet cafe that my friends have.
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 It is very slow, but that is the way it is in some parts of Mexico.

I have come here to rest, check on my parent’s house, pay the taxes and work with the people here.  Also there are two women’s religious communities I work with too.  Malinalco is around 3 hours south east of Mexico City near Toluca, in the state of Mexico.

misaaWhen I arrived, the house was filthy because of not being lived in and all the dust.  But my first objective was to say the Holy Latin Mass.  I have everything I need.

A few years ago, friends of mine from California, found an altar stone with the relic in it laying out in the back yard of the parish.  We asked for it and the old priest gave it to me.  So I had an altar made with a large space to fit the altar stone.  The sisters gave me an extra tabernacle they did not need.  I brought a whole set of vestments that are originally from here in Mexico that a priest friend gave me.  I have an old chalice, paten and cruet set.  I brought a bell here from the USA too.

Last year when I was here in August, the parish priest would not let me say the Holy Latin mass in public in the small community chapel where I had been saying it for years.  I moved to the nuns hospital when they invited me, but he called them and told them it is not allowed.  The mother superior told him she had read about Summorum Pontificum and that the pope allowed it.  I let it go because they work with the sick here all year long.  So I did not feel it necessary to cause them problems.  Thank God two years ago I built a very small chapel at my parent’s house.  So last year I moved the Holy Mass to the tiny chapel.  So thank God I have a dignified place to say the Holy Mass every day here.

I trained, with great difficulty, 3 boys to serve the Holy Latin Mass.  One is a neighbor and is serving everyday very well.  He still does not know all the responses by memory, but is doing a great job.  One says he is too old (19 yrs. old) and the other is my God son and I have not seen him yet.

IMG_8135I have been coming here to Malinalco for 25 years.  I alway play soccer with some of the dad’s and their sons.  I have seen these kids grow up.  But it is very sad.  I was just informed that one of these young men who I played soccer with since he was a small boy, died from drugs and alcohol.
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 I saw another one today and he has tattoos of the good angel and the bad angel.  These kids were good kids, but television, marijuana, the public school, bad friends, and parents who do not practice their catholic faith have destroyed their souls.

I had a great discussion with a mechanic today about studying the Bible.  He was raised Seven day Adventist.  He wants me to return and discuss more with him.  Other men were all listening too.  We all need to study the Bible.  He is reading the Duey Rhems Bible in Latin right now.

I have decided to pray the Holy Rosary every evening at 7 pm here in the community chapel and have a small Biblical reflection afterward.EstandarteIMG_7518

We can see why we need serious traditional catholic teaching to help all these people to find their way to heaven.  I know many many people here and they all tell me their problems.  Yesterday a couple, the young man played football too when he was young, who are living together, and are having a lot of problems.  They want me to help them.  But I said, it takes a total change of life.  NO more living together (they have a small girl) and they have to dress right, pray, go to mass.  We traditional catholics know what is wrong.  Half bake catholics.

Thank you to all of you who try so hard to be One Hundred Percent Catholic in what you do, say, and pray.  Believe me, we are so so fortunate to know what it means to be catholic and love our faith with all our hearts.  We love God, Mary, St. Joseph, the angels and all the saints.  They are our models of how to live.  We too want to be saints.

I may go to Guadalajara to visit friends and the Fraternity of St. Peter there.  We will see.