Trusting Catholic Tradition

In a world that is constantly changing, God wants to give us security.  We gain security in knowing that He is real and has a personal concern for each one of us individually.  But God also shows His love and concern in a constant and unchanging presence in His Holy Catholic Church.  Iglesia de Encarnacion

We can rest in tradition because it feel old and comfortable.  We can rest in truth.  We can rest in love.  When you go to Europe and see the old building and churches, you feel comfortable or comforted.  There, a building can be over 1500 years old.  The United States is only 237 years old.  The catholic missions are older than that because the Spaniards were here way before the British arrived.  Everyone loves to be in the California Missions because they feel like church.  You feel something holy and divine there.

301479_174515269299031_100002216765450_368722_1701619433_n_thumb[3]Tradition is old and comfortable like broken in walking shoes.  God Loves Us and wants us to be comfortable in His House.  Modern and new churches may be interesting to look at, but you do not feel at home in them.  They are cold and disorienting.  Fishing for Souls_VENNE, Adriaen Pietersz. van de

Prayer also needs to be familiar to connect with the love of God.  The greatest prayer is the Old Holy Latin Mass.  If you would just relax and understand that this holy mass was with the church hundreds of times your age.  You can feel comfortable in it as an old prayer.

Adoration of the Lamb_EYCK, Jan vanBut we all think that new is better.  But why are antiques so expensive.  Why are classic cars so attractive.
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 It is because there is something beautiful beyond the ordinary.  That is why they last and are collected.

God loves us and wants to give us the best.  Thank God for the beautiful old missions.  Thank God for the beautiful old churches in Europe.  Thank God for the beautiful old churches in Mexico and South America.  Thank God for the Old Latin Mass.

Just remember that we love God because He loved us first.  And we want to share that love with one another.  Everywhere I go I want to share my love for God and for catholic tradition.  Today I went to the bank and noticed the ladies name was Mary.  I asked her if she was catholic and she said yes and remembered me from Our Lady of Fatima in Modesto, Cal.  Then I was getting gas and a young man came over to the car who used to be in a group I formed (Knights of Christ the King).  I asked him how his soul was.  He answered; “better, I go to mass now every Sunday”.  He told me how much he missed me and began to cry.  When he was in the group I didn’t have much hope in him from his behavior.  You never know what God will do later on.  Ignatius of Loyola_altar of the same_Il Gesu

We need to be patient, work and pray for conversions.  Then driving to friends I saw two young men walking with a gas can. I stopped because it was a long way to the gas station.  They were way out in the country.  I told them I was doing this because I am a catholic priest.  I asked them if they knew anything about catholicism.  One told me he was baptized catholic.  God is so good when we are willing to show a little love and kindness whether it is at church, the bank, the store or on the road.

Isn’t it great to be a loving traditional catholic.
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 We all need a little help and a smile once in a while.