Traditional Mass at St. Charles Borromeo, Carmel Mission California

The 3rd. traditional catholic pilgrimage from St. Stephen First Martyr Sacramento made it, after three days of walking from San Juan Bautista Mission to the Carmel Mission.  For two days I wore my sandals but could hardly walk Saturday night.   Phil Carey lent me some walking shoes and I did great the last day.  But I have to be honest that I started at 8 am instead of when they started at 6:30.  I also took a slight longer lunch and caught up with them.  IMG_9727 IMG_9731 Monterey Bay is so beautiful.  We walked along the coast into Monterey.  We greeted many people along the way.  People in general love seeing us walk and with all the young men and women.  One lady who’s grandma was catholic, she baptist, had a great talk with us.  Just remind people about Jesus saying you need to eat His Body and drink His Blood to have eternal life.  The Holy Gospel according to St. John chapter 6.IMG_9732 IMG_9734 Bob and Kathleen, from Angel’s Camp California, were great troopers and made it all the way.  Sunday was their wedding anniversary.IMG_9738We walked through the beautiful town of Carmel singing and praying the 3 Rosaries.
IMG_9746 At last the sight of Carmel Mission.  IMG_9747 IMG_9748 This is the statue of Our Lady of Bethlehem.  We first went to her to offer all the petitions and to pray for all the world under Mary’s intercession.  IMG_9755We had the great grace of being able to say the Holy Tridentine Missa Cantata at 3 pm on Pentecost Sunday.  The word is that this was the first Latin Mass said at Carmel Mission in 44 years.
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 We are not sure.  But we sure are happy to be able to have this Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in this place where Fray Junipero Serra is buried.  He is the Franciscan Missionary who, with the Holy Latin Mass, founded the California Missions.  It was with the Holy Latin Mass he converted the native indians.  Latin the universal language.  We think we have it hard.  But he did not have to travel with too many books, just the one missal.
With people from the pilgrimage, from the Modesto area and the Monterey Bay area Latin Mass group, the mission was almost full.  IMG_9814 Sanctus Sanctus Sanctus    Come Holy Ghost and make us Holy Holy Holy.IMG_9838 This is the group of pilgrims who made it all possible.  May there be many more traditional pilgrimages all over the United States and the world.  Anyone interested????IMG_9843 Group of car pilgrims that drove from Modesto, Oakdale, Ripon, Escalon, and KeyesIMG_9848 After the Holy Mass we went to San Juan Bautista for a picnic.  Fr. Jim Henry and Rosie the secretary there were so hospitable to us.  I thank them so much.  Rosie said that when the Latin Mass use to be there, she has never worked with kinder people.  Fr. Henry thank me for all the good I have done through out the years.  He was my pastor at Holy Cross in Santa Cruz 31 years ago when I started St. Francis Catholic Kitchen.  I say this because since I have received so much opposition for speaking the Gospel of Jesus and spreading love for tradition, I have been so badly treated.  So I really appreciated him saying that as a nontraditional priest to a traditional priest.
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 He has invited me when ever I want to say the Latin Mass at San Juan Bautista.  He told me about Msgr. Murphy who comes to visit him, who also loves the Latin Mass.  Not all is lost.  Not all is hated.  There are kind priest and people who will help us.  IMG_9848It is so wonderful to be a traditional catholic and have friends who love Jesus and his church so so much.

Tomorrow, Tuesday morning at 9:15 I will be praying the rosary in front of the abortion mill at 2030 Coffee Rd in Modesto if anyone would like to join me and all the other wonderful people who go every week to kneel and pray for the end of the murdering of these poor babies.  I am visiting my parents right now as I write this.  We know some franciscan nuns here.  My parents have always worked with the poor.  When my dad told them that the president was evil, they were very upset with him.  When can we see who the poorest of the poor are.  Babies torn from the safety of their mothers wombs by vacuums.

Please pray for all those effected by the tornado in Oklahoma.  But also pray for the millions of babies killed by the tornado of the suction hose and flushed down the sewer.

We, as traditional catholics are creating a new culture where life is treated as sacred, not politicians.  But this only comes about because we believe that God is Sacred.  Then we know that each person is made in His Sacred Image.  Thank You God for creating us.