Our Mother Mary, the Catholic Church, Mother, Grandmother and God Mother

Our own mothers carried us in their wombs for 9 months (thanks mom).  Our Mother the church gave us new birth by the Waters of Baptism.  Our Mother Mary keeps us and forms us in her Immaculate Heart every second of our lives.  Our Mother, the Catholic Church nurtures us everyday with the Most Holy Body and Blood of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  She gives us support and comfort in all times of our lives.  She is there for us at the beginning.  She is there when we fall and sin.  She is there teaching us the Bible and the Truth.  She is there at death.

LadyofGraceandtheMastersoftheOrderoMany mothers despair of their children ever coming back to the true catholic faith.  St. Monica cried and cried, but before she died she saw her son St. Augustine as a catholic priest.  But you mothers need to remember that your children do remember what you have taught them when they were young.  Mothers please work on you children while they are young and want to know the things of God.  They will remember your example more than anything.  Stay faithful and hopeful.  We never know when they will respond to God’s grace.  downie 2

While praying and waiting for your children to come back to traditional truth, help other people who are open to know about the truth.  Volunteer to teach catechism.  You can influence children who are still open to truth.ildefonso_casulla

Yesterday there was a retreat for RCIA youth here at St. Catherine’s.  It was all based on traditional catholic teaching. I gave a talk on preparing for confession and then heard their confessions.  This process of two years of traditional catholicism has totally transformed these young men and ladies.  From what they confessed, and many for the first time in their lives, they understand what it means to be a catholic christian.  They already dress modestly, have chaste relationships, have given up TV, Movies and Music that kill their souls.  They even understand and have given up family members and friends who have been a bad influence on them.  It is not like they are going to try to change.
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 No, they have already begun to live the life of a traditional catholic and love it.  Simon Marmion_Bruges, Groeninge Museum_1480-90

There was a lunch to celebrate that they had finished the two years.  The parents came and they too have changed by going to talks every week as well.  The group started out large but there were parents who did not want to come to their classes and youth that wanted it easy and left.  What a terrible shame that the parents, including mothers, who were not willing to sacrifice for the souls of their children.  You mothers and grandmothers and godmothers, make what ever sacrifice it takes to help your children to be HOLY.  It all starts with us being holy and having a regular prayer time.

holyfamily15What can we do for our Mother Mary.  We can give her flowers too.  We can offer her a rosary well prayed.  But I know the best gift we can give her for all she does every instant of our existence.  We can consecrate our hearts and lives to her.  Then she gives them to her beloved son Jesus.  Let us today, without reservations give our hearts to Mary to be given to Jesus.  Let us be willing to copy our Mother Mary and alway say yes to what Jesus may ask of us.

No greater vocation and position can any woman have than that of “Mother”.  Please mothers, stay at home and be with your children.  If it means that you have to live a poorer life, but happily with your children and husband, make the sacrifice.  Your children will be out of the house much faster than you can imagine.  Enjoy them and be with them.  Your work as a mother is extremely more worthy than any career that you will be paid for.  God will provide the money you need if you are trying to please Him.

Children, please appreciate the sacrifices your mothers have done and are doing for you.  Very few children today have a mother to come home to after school.  Please help them out.  Everyone, Dad, Mom and kids need to pray and work together to have a happy home.  If we have happy homes, the kids will not be seeking bad company and sex from other people.  They will be filled with what only a loving home can offer, holy love and security.  It will pay off in the long run.  All you homeschool moms, thank you too for your hard work.  Yesterday I was told about a teacher at the public high school here who was Mr. and this year became Misses.  May God and Mary bless all of you good and holy moms, grandmas and godmothers.  And if you are not that perfect yet, keep on trying your best.  With God’s and Mary’s help you can become the great mother God is calling you to be.abort

Mothers who may have been tempted to abort your baby and didn’t because you knew what was right, thank you.  This child will be with you as your special companion.  And moms who may have aborted your baby, ask God’s forgiveness in confession.  Ask your child for forgiveness.  The aborted babies do not disappear into clear air.  They exist and need your repentance and sorrow.  They will forgive you, once you have asked for forgiveness from God in confession and from them.  There is no sin, including abortion that can not be forgiven by God.  Our God is a just God.  But He is also EXTREMELY MERCIFUL.

You women who have wanted a child and never conceived, you can be mothers to all the children that are not loved in this world by praying for them and working with them.
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 You can teach catechism, school and adopt an unwanted child.  God and Mary understand your sorrow.   But miracles do happen.  Just last week I heard about two women conceiving after many many years of waiting.  Have faith and hope in the Power of God and Mary.  God, Mary please give all women who are barren many many children.

A good mother has all the children God wants to give her.  Birth control and tying of the tubes are a terrible offense to God and Mary.  Everyone of us was a great gift from God.  Every child is such a precious gift.  May we all thank God that our mothers let us be conceived and did not abort us.  Thanks Mom.