No Traditional use for Facebook

Over and again I am hearing bad things about Facebook.  Last week man told me that his ex-wife put false information on it and he is afraid for his life.  I never asked him to tell me what she put on it, but for sure he is scared.  I told him to only care about what God thinks of him and not what other people will think of him after reading what is posted on Facebook.  Because of making women put gowns on to come into church when they were dressed immodestly, they bashed me terribly on Facebook too.facebook-cover-photos

Another story is a woman I also talked to last week.   A year ago she met a man in prison on Facebook.  He has been very supportive to her to become positive and to go to any church.  But he has been married before and is in prison.  She has two kids and I would never trust someone who is in prison with children.  Then I met her mother and she said that her daughter uses money she gives her for her children and instead buys clothes for him .  This is not good.images

Another thing I keep hearing is about men lusting over the pictures they see on Facebook.  Is that what you put your photos on for, so that men can lust over your body?  I hope not.  I am sure some good comes from Facebook too.  But I am seeing way more bad than good.  One friend said that there is good from using Facebook, but he still thinks its from the devil.75118549-08ca-4867-8dca-17f16ce0b0a0

Ask yourself; is it helping you become a holier purer saint?  Ask yourself if it is in any way causing you to sin?  Does it fill your soul up when you spend time on it?  I know that many people use it to stay in contact with family and friends, but is it disconnecting you from God?  Be honest with yourself and see if it is causing any sin in your life or in other people’s lives.images

Every night at 7 pm the Guadalupanas are praying the Rosary here in front of the Blessed Sacrament.  I look forward to this time to pray with Jesus and Our Lady of Guadalupe.  But I wonder why there are not more coming to pray.  My thoughts are that they are home watching TV or on the internet.  Be honest.  I want to give you a challenge.  Give up TV and Facebook for a week and see if you do not end up having a lot of extra time that you will wonder what to do with.  Maybe you will start a Bible study for an hour Monday thru Friday.
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In Mexico City my friends gather every night at 7 pm (except Saturday and Sunday) to read the Bible together.  They look forward to this hour together with God and each other.  If they were watching TV or on the internet, they would not look forward to this.  Isn’t it wonderful to know these things because we are traditional catholics and not Facebook Catholics.  This is a Facebook picture you can put on page.   Not too hopeful.  Got God? evolution-is-suicide-facebook-cover1