Traditional Family Prayer and Fun

IMG_9579There are 600 people every Sunday at the Latin Mass at St. Catherine of Siena in Phoenix Az.  IMG_9581



There is a group of Guadalupana’s who help share their love for Our Lady of Guadalupe in the parish.  This week they had the pilgrim Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe.  After saying the 10 am Latin mass here, I joined them and they were so gracious to me.IMG_9587

There is also a group called “Christian Mothers” who all go to the Latin Mass and once a month have a gathering.  I was invited and enjoyed it so much.  They have classes every week.  IMG_9589

It was just like at St. Patrick’s where all the Latin Mass families got together to pray, to enjoy each other and eat.IMG_9597

It was hosted by Jorge and Griselda at their large house that is open to everyone.  It has a fenced in yard so the kids are safe and the parents can relax.  They have a swimming pool too.  They are building a small chapel as you can see in the background.IMG_9593

We played volley Ball and had other games everyone enjoyed.  My team lost.IMG_9604IMG_9617

Of course I made them all say the Rosary and of course they were so happy to do it.IMG_9614

Then sharing white elephant gifts to make everyone get some surprise they did not need.IMG_9620

While I was enjoying the people’s company, I receive a phone call from many of my Latin Mass friends in California who were also getting together to play and eat (hopefully they prayed the Rosary too).  They were also celebrating a birthday and St. Pius V’s feast day.  It was so wonderful to be in one traditional gathering while getting the phone call from all those I miss so much in California.

These important celebrations take everyone working together to clean up and help out.  This is a great way to celebrate our traditional catholic faith.  This is why it is so wonderful to be a traditional catholic.