Men’s Conferences and Tradition

Fr. Isaac Mary Relyea was at the Napa Men’s Conference 3 years ago.  He was then invited to help out at the St. Patrick’s Men’s Conference in Ripon California.  His strong moral stands shook up the men and the parish has never been the same since.  He also only says the Holy Tridentine Mass and explained to everyone who would listen why.  Many of the parishioners became excited and have been going to the Latin Mass ever since.  SONY DSC

St. Patrick’s is having their Men’s Conference Saturday, June 8th this year.  The theme is “Be the Man God wants you to be”.  The cost is $30; which pays for a light breakfast, a catered gourmet lunch and plenty of snacks.  The speakers are:

Fr. Pintacura – Saints -Heros for real men.

Jesse Romero – Fatherhood.

Michael Voris – Cultural Warfare.

Deacon Edwin Santiago – Ministry behind the walls of prison.

To find out more and to register you can google:

2013 Be the man God wants you to be – Catholic Men’s Conference


benedictines_mass300x262Last night I was invited to a dinner by a group of men and their wives from the parish of St. Catherine of Siena.  They took the largest group from any parish, of over 300 men to the Men’s Conference here in Phoenix.  They were having a fund raiser to give scholarships for young men to go for free to the next Men’s Conference.  This February 10th there were 2200 men in attendance at their conference.
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 These men are trying their hardest to live their catholic faith and help other men come close to Jesus and His Holy Church.

I heard that at the Napa Men’s Conference, Bishop Vasa was present all day with the men and heard confessions.  The bishop actually came up to one of my friends and asked him if he wanted to go to confession.  He did and said that the bishop was very patient and good.

Francis_and Br Leo meditating on Death_GRECO, ElWe need to be involved with conferences like these and bring information about the Holy Tridentine Mass.  Maybe a simple flyer that explains the Latin Mass and the time and place of the holy mass.  These men, for the most part, want to know truth.  We have truth about the Holy Latin Mass.  We are so fortunate to be Traditional Catholics and have the TRUTH.
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 Let us be willing and brave enough to share it.truth