Traditional Schools and the Holy Tridentine Mass

Every first Friday the Catholic School here at St. Catherine of Siena Parish in Phoenix Arizona has the Holy Tridentine Mass.  So, today I said the Holy Mass for all the students and teachers.  You can not believe the excellent behavior of the children.  They were so so quiet and respectful.  They all knew how to kneel and receive Jesus on the tongue.
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 I went over to the school to tell them that in all my years of saying school masses, they behaved by far the best.  It shows what a good pastor can do over time.IMG_9578

They also have individual class masses every Monday in Latin too.  On the other Fridays of the month they have the Novus Ordo Mass for all the school.  It is just on the first Friday that they have the Tridentine Mass.tumblr_mhcjq6LDCY1r9hvc8o1_500

Yesterday I was invited to say the Holy Tridentine Mass at a small private school here called Ville de Marie Academy.  They have around 50 students and started out as a private catholic school.  They have just been incorporated into the Diocese of Phoenix.  The school is from Kindergarden through High School.   The priest from the Fraternity of St. Peter’s says the Tridentine every Friday for them as well.  Monday through Wednesday they have the Novus Ordo Mass.  Again the children were very well behaved and very prayerful.  This school is going to move this summer to an other catholic school campus, (St. Daniel the Prophet) that was closed down.  What a pity when catholic schools are closed down.anno-domini-Christmas

Also here in Phoenix is a school called Veritas.  This school is a charter school but based on deep morals and traditional values.  As a charter school they go as far as they can to be catholic.  It is very hard to get into this school.  There are several students from this parish who attend.  But they find it very very challenging with all the hard classes.  It is hard to go from a public school to this school because the academic level is so much more advanced.  Here in Arizona there is a way that the state gives tuition tax credits for parents that send their kids to catholic schools.  That is wonderful so that there is an alternative to Public schools.

But most people just put their kids in the school that is free and closes to home, meaning Public School.  But what do they learn about their catholic faith?  Sometimes only what is against it.  I know that most teachers in public schools try their best, but the curriculum has immoral things especially in Sex Education.  Also in many places they are teaching about different families, two moms, two dads, and other things like there are boys and girls but if you feel different you can change what you are.  God help our children in public schools.

I want to thank all you parents who sacrifice to home school you children.  That is by far the safest way to keep your children innocent.  Please parents speak to your children about sex and those who might take advantage of there innocence.  It is very important to protect our children from being abused.  Today you need to be more explicit than you would like to to keep them safe.  Even kids from good catholic homes learn and share bad things with the other kids.  Always tell them they can talk to you about everything and you will not get angry with them for someone else hurting them.  Most children tell the truth about being touch or hurt in other ways.  Take them serious and investigate what went on.

Yesterday I had a very profound talk with an 18 year old home schooled young man.  He is so educated in his catholic faith and in all areas of education.   He speaks as if he were 30 years old.  Thanks to his family and his own dedication, he is a well balanced young man.  He is entering with the Institute of Christ the King this fall to become a priest.  Please pray for him.Toussaint-Vepres-07

But also thank you to all you parents who sacrifice your hard earned money to send your children to good traditional catholic schools.  I know that you could have spent your money on many other things, but you are sacrificing for the soul of your children.  Thank you too  teachers who make less money but help form catholic children.  God will reward you all.

When I was visiting Bishop Perry in Chicago I asked him what challenges he had.  He replied; “closing down half of all the catholic schools in the Diocese of Chicago”.  As more and more parents use birth control or abort their children, we are going to see massive closing of schools.  It is already happening in California.  Before your couldn’t build schools fast enough.  Now this will change.  And in the California Teacher’s Union they support abortion and homosexuality.  Do they not know that their livelihood is threatened by these sins?  They need to study veterinarian medicine to take care of pets instead of kids.  Many people are choosing to have a pet rather than a child.atheism

But another great sin is when parents send their kids to a “catholic school” and they are taught non-christian beliefs.  I know a catholic high school where they teach comparative religion and treat all the different religions as the same.   So many of you reading this blog have had your children loose their catholic faith going to catholic school or afterwards.  Two of my nephews went to Palma High in Salinas California.  As soon as they went to university they stopped practicing the catholic faith.  How did their religious formation fail to prepare them to stay catholics in a university setting?

Also it is sad to see mostly upper middle class children in the catholic schools in California.  That is not the case here at St. Catherine’s Catholic School.  Most of the children are minorities. God bless all the schools that help the poor children get a education.  My prayer is that we have traditional catholic schools that are free for the rich, the middle class and the poor.  Our future is in our children.  A good religious and academic education is very important.

sjoseph_iconThere is only one goal in life, and that is to go to heaven.  God loves us so much that he gives us laws to save us from suffering.  If you are a traditional catholic, with traditional values you will avoid so much suffering and be successful in this life and the life to come.  Therefore, the most important thing in any school is getting your children through this life in to eternal life with God forever.  It is so good to be a traditional catholic and know this.