Slow Traditional Time in the Mexican Parish of St. Catherine of Siena Phoenix Az.

Yesterday I offered the Holy Tridentine Mass here at St. Catherine of Siena in Phoenix Arizona for their patron saint.  I asked them to have a gathering afterwords and it was great.  I got to meet a good deal of the people.   Lots of children and food and friendship.  The Holy Mass was not a Misa Cantata but was accompanied by organ and choir.  It was truly great.  Just with a good organist and the girls choir you can have great Gregorian music.

Madonna and Child_stained glassI bring this up because this parish is in a poor part of town with mostly Mexican people attending.  But most of the people here love tradition and dress modestly.   The pastor here has worked slowly and done a great job.  The 8 am Sunday morning Tridentine Mass has over 800 people attending.  The homily is in Spanish.  Then there is the 10 am Tridentine Mass with the homily in English with around 90 people attending.  They also record all the Holy Masses and put them on Youtube.  Pretty impressive for me.

When I went to give out Holy Communion at the 8 am Mass, I was very impressed by the ushers in black suits.  Normally at the Spanish Mass there is a lot of screaming children.  I remember hearing one child crying and the rest behaving so excellently.  I never complain about babies crying because that means these babies are the future church.  But lets be honest that there is a total difference between the normal Spanish Mass with kids running around and screaming and people using their cell phones to text and all the rest to what I saw with the 800 people praying in this solemn Sacred Mass.  One is a fiesta and the other is a Sacrifice.   I know that many English masses are noisy and disordered too.IMG_1856

I am very bilingual and love the Mexicans and all nationalities.  But the Mexicans are the future for the church here in the United States.  If it were not for the immigrants from Mexico and other latin American countries, the church would be very empty.   In the English masses there are very few children because the English speaking catholics are mostly using birth control and there are very very few children.  In all my years as a priest saying the two masses, I have seen young people in the Spanish masses (mostly black hair) and old to middle age people in the English Mass (grey hair unless it has been dyed). Sad to say that the Mexicans too are buying into the idea that two children is all they should have so that they can give them an education.  It will not be long before they soon follow the anglo race.  In Europe the anglo race is dying out.  There it is being replace by the muslims.  It never took a war to conquer as before, now it just takes pills.

So all this being said, it is great to be visiting this Mexican parish where there is such a strong traditional movement.
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 It is working and it is wonderful to see and experience.  Usually it is in an anglo parish where the traditional movements are taking place.  All this has taken a long time to arrive at.  It is being done by a good priest who has had a hard time doing it.  But it has happened.  It takes conversion.  Here they have youth groups developing the soul.  They have a mens group and a christian mothers group.  All these groups love growing in faith and tradition.  When you talk to them they get it.

There was a young woman there with her baby and her mother.  Yesterday was her last day at work.  She loves her job and coworkers.  But she has decided to sacrifice that to be a mother to her son and a wife to her husband.  She is well educated and with it.  But she told me she has discovered tradition and found it to be fulfilling.  She was raised in Germany and said no one understands what she is doing because the world is against all that tradition holds sacred.

Over and over again I heard how the world goes against everything these families hold dear.  But seeing all the husbands praying with their wives was gratifying.  There marriages are not perfect, but way better than others.  They told me that their families do not understand them either.  But they have peace and lots of happy children.temptation of Christ on the Mount_DUCCIO di Buoninsegna

So we need to keep working and trying to be holy and traditional.  The devils hate it because they do not want to see fathers and mothers being successful in their marriages and with their children.  The world hates it because we are a sign of contradiction to all the immoral lies they live.  God needs you all.  The devils and the world will try to destroy you.  But rejoice and get together with other traditional families and enjoy the beauty of life.  This Sunday the group Christian Mothers is having a get together with all the children and dads.