Poor St. Joseph

In reading the breviary today in Latin, Pope Pius XII writes about the abject poverty of Joseph, Mary and Jesus.  When the scriptures says; “Isn’t this the carpenter’s Son, they meant it as a derogatory comment looking down on where Jesus came from.volto cristo bologna

I am putting this on to remind us to never look down on poor people.  Where were you born?  If Joseph had a lot of money, you can bet Jesus would not have been born in an animals pen.  What kind of car do you drive?  Joseph and Mary went with Jesus to Egypt maybe on a burro.   How much education do you have?  Joseph and Mary and Jesus only studied scripture and had no degree.  What kind of work do you do?  Joseph and Jesus were known as carpenters, manual laborers.  What neighborhood  do you live in?  Jesus said he did not have a place to lay His head.

The only thing, and not your money, not your education, not your car, not your neighborhood, is in what condition is you soul.  Are you going to heaven or hell.   I remember being at a catholic grammar school and watching the expensive cars drive in to drop off their kids.  It came very clear to me that none of this mattered in eternity.  There is nothing wrong with being rich (even though Jesus said, “Woe to you Rich”).  But what is wrong is not using it for God’s Kingdom. IMG_8135

It is dangerous to be rich because we will be responsible for ever cent we have.  It is dangerous because we see people who have a lot looking down on the poor and not helping them.  Again I believe most catholics would not move over for Joseph or Mary or Jesus in their church because they are more important because what they own or how long they have sat in that pew.  Let us be humble and use what we have for God’s greater glory.