A Real Traditional Woman, St. Catherine of Siena

We men love traditional women who are strong in the Lord and help us to be better christian men.  St. Catherine of Siena was a very strong woman but not a feminist.  As a woman she moved the Pope and politicians without ever being dominating.  All you women reading this have a great example of how to influence you church, family and country.  She was a humble soul and yet told even the most important people to correct their lives.  She was loved by Jesus and espoused to Him, but she had many enemies who treated her so badly.  She was a Dominican.

st-catherine-of-siena-252x300St. Catherine did it all out of love for her LOVE, Jesus Christ.  She was not angry, demanding or controlling.  She just was one with Jesus who would instruct her on who she was to work on and what to say.  There was no “Catherine ego” involved in her missions.  She only wanted herself and everyone else to do God’s will.  No matter who you were, she would reprimand you to leave what was not of God and to do what God wanted.  And most people would humbly obey her, because she only wanted their salvation.  God showed her hell, purgatory and heaven.

St. Catherine deeply loved the Holy Catholic Church.  All her life she greatly suffered for the good of the Church.  She died for her spouse, Jesus and His Bride, the Mystical Body of Christ.  It happened because so many people were attacking the Pope and wanted to kill him.  Jesus was so upset with them that He wanted to punish them in His justice.  But St. Catherine pleaded to take all the punishment on herself and let the church be healed again.  The devils attacked her with screams and beatings.  She became extremely skinny and finally died at the same age as Jesus (33 years old) from suffering for the Church.  But, as a result of her sacrificial death, the church and the pope had peace in Italy again.Christ the King in Glory_stained glass

At the time of St. Catherine, the 14th. century, the Church too was in ruins.  It is good for us traditionalist to know this, so that we do not get discouraged with how things are now.  There will always be evil and good in the Church.  Here is how she described in her words the church of her times; “O most merciful Lord, you know how savagely your Spouse whom you redeemed with your own blood is being torn to pieces throughout almost the whole world.  You know too how few helpers and defenders She has“.

A very pertinent quote of hers for us who care about the church is: “Proclaim the truth and do not be silent through fear”.  Most of us have fear of the consequences of say the truth.  And we all have suffered greatly for the Tridentine Mass, for respect in church, for modesty, for speaking up on morals.  St. Catherine is the perfect example for us, who suffered so much, but Jesus rewarded her, especially forever in Heaven.

She received the Stigmata, (that being the wounds of Jesus in her own body) and suffered so much that she would have died had God not lessened the pain.  She asked that it be invisible so that people would not give the glory to her.  catherinesiena

After her death all the people of Rome miraculously knew and came to touch her body.  Miracle after miracle happened for the sick.  There is no way of explaining all the miracles that keep happening from St. Catherine except that God exists and works through His holy people.  All her life she had worked for the healing of the Body of Christ the Church and endlessly worked to heal the sick and poor.

A few more quotes from her:

“Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire.”

“Nothing great is ever achieved without much enduring.”

“All the way to heaven is heaven, because Jesus said “I am the Way.”

St. Catherine exchanged her heart with Jesus, her spouse.  We too, when we receive Holy Communion, can ask for that exchange.  Jesus can live in us.  We can radiate Jesus where ever we go.

Also St. Catherine gathered like minded men and women around her.  I truly want to spread more community around all traditional catholics who are suffering like St. Catherine suffered for the Holy Church.  Have more receptions and potlucks.  Keep it all simple so no one has too much to do and it will continue.  Together we can do great things.catherine-siena1

Jesus revealed to St. Catherine all the severe punishment that awaits those who destroy His Church.  But He also showed her the rewards in heaven for those who work for the correcting of the church.  She is an good example of taking the punishment of sinners on herself rather than wishing just punishment on them.  We too must pray for and love those who are destroying the Mystical Body of Christ in our times.