Holy Traditional Fathers have Long Term Effects

Since we have been looking at St. Joseph, we need to look at how to be good fathers like he was.  But there are more kinds of fathers.  Priests are fathers.  There are godfathers.  There are grandfathers.  There are stepfathers.  There are foster fathers.  So in one way or another most grown men are fathers.  Don Bosco Confess

    St John Bosco, Father to poor boys.

In June is fathers day.  What a grave responsibility it is to be a father.  But also what a honor and joy.

God is Our Father.  He created us, sustains us and loves us.  Whether we know it or not, God our Father is deeply concerned with each one of us.  Many think and question how this can be when there are billions of people.  Well we are talking of God and nothing is impossible for God.  He never ever wants anything to happen to us His children.  That is why he puts strict rules to help us avoid getting hurt and killed.  Every action, every rule is only for our good.  We need to really let that sink into our minds and souls.
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 Our Father in Heaven proved His love for us by sacrificing what was most dear to Him to save us, Jesus.JesusShepherd

Most fathers want the best for their children too.  They make many sacrifices to raise their children and give them the best.  Last Saturday I was visiting families and the dad told me all the great responsibilities and work he has to provide for his family.  Again I wondered if we appreciate all out fathers and mothers have done for us so that we are who we are today.

Did your father live and teach the catholic faith?  You were one very blessed person.  Did your dad work and provide for you?  Did your dad take good care of your mother?  Did your dad teach you how to work?  Did your dad teach you how to pray?  Did your dad show you how to help the poor?  Was you dad honest?  Was your dad faithful to your mother?  All these are so important.  Even if your dad did not do all these things, I am sure that he did something for you.  Have we thanked our dads for all they have done for us through out our lives or do we only criticize them.

Adoration_of_the_Trinity_D_RER_AlbrechtThe past is over and we need to forgive the errors of our dads.  No man is perfect. No woman is perfect except Mary.  Every parent tries their best.  Original Sin is passed on by the imperfections of our parents.  They try, but fail.  Let us thank our parents and be there for them when they get old.

The 4th commandment is to honor your father and mother.  We need to honor them and help them when they get old.  Some day we will be old too.  If we are considerate of our parents than someone will be considerate of us when it comes our turn.  Remember that  old people have great great experiences to teach us how to get through life.

Dads, try your best to be men of prayer.  Take time to study the Bible.  Maybe someone who is reading this will start a men’s Bible study.  It is not hard.  Just start with the New Testament as best as you can.  Even if all you do is read it together that is a great start.  You can divide up the Gospels in 4 sections.  Read those chapters at home and discuss each section over a four week period.  Then you can have a summary session.  Do this until all 4 Gospels have been read.  Then start on Acts of the Apostles and then the letters.

Thank you fathers that have given us good examples and taught us our catholic faith.