St. Joseph Terror of Demons and Protector

There is plenty of St. Joseph in the beginning of the New Testament in the Bible.  We can always be sure that we have great power through the intercession of the saints that are closest to Jesus and His mission.   Mary is of all the most important because without her we would not have God made Flesh.
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 By Jesus taking on His humanity from the Virgin Mary, He was able to enter into His creation and assumed it to redeem it.  All of us human beings have the possibility of salvation by allowing Jesus to effect us through His power that comes from His connection to us through His incarnation.stjoe

St. Joseph was not that instrument for the incarnation and redemption.  But he was the protector of that incarnation by protecting Mary and the child in her womb.  Right from the beginning St. Joseph is used by God in His salvific plan.  The child Jesus would need a protector along with His mother in the dangers they were going to encounter.  Right off we see that Mary could have been accused of adultery for being pregnant by the Holy Spirit.  Like Joseph in the Old Testament, St. Joseph has dreams that are going to help save Mary and Jesus.  So in his dream, he is told that Mary conceived the Child by the Holy Spirit.  Again when Herod wants to kill the tiny baby Jesus, St Joseph is told what to do to save Him.  He was obedient and left immediately for Egypt.  Again, later on he is told when to return and decides to go to Nazareth for safety of his family.StJoseph

It is clear that God used St. Joseph in His plan to save us.  Joseph was obedient and chaste.  Some traditions make him out to have been old and to have had children by an other wife who had died before he married Mary.  But the true traditions say he was of normal age and a virgin all his life.  His marriage with Mary was a virginal marriage.  In scripture, it was assumed by all, that Joseph was the father of Jesus Christ because of his marriage with Mary.  We know that he was only the foster father.

St. Jerome states that St. Joseph would not have dared to violate a temple of God, a dwelling place of the Holy Ghost, the Mother of his Lord.  St. Ambrose says that St. Joseph, a just man would not have spread this folly that he had relations with the Mother of the Lord.  St. Gregory the Great, along with the other Fathers of the church, called him “Guardian and protector of Mary’s inviolate virginity”.

St. Augustine says: “Let his greater purity confirm his fatherhood; let not holy Mary reprimand us, for she was unwilling to place her name before that of her husband, but said, “thy father and I have been seeking thee sorrowing.”  Therefore, let not perverse murmurers do what the virginal wife did not do.  Let us count the generations of Christ through Joseph, because as he was a virginal husband, so was he a virginal father.”saint-joseph-with-infant-jesus

Because we find it so hard to be virgins today, we tend to make all others as we are.  In Dan Brown’s “Da Vinci Code”, he even makes Jesus into a man who had relationships with Mary Magdalene.  In our X rated world no one can imagine a virgin Jesus or Mary or Joseph.  But they are looking through their own weakness and distorted view and are blinded to the beauty of a chaste life.

To do a way deeper study on this, the Oblates of St. Joseph have an excellent article on it (The virginity of saint Joseph in the latin fathers and medieval ecclesiastical writers).

St. Joseph was the head of the holy family.  That goes totally against the feminist.  He was head over Mary and Jesus.  But again he was a humble head who was there to serve, protect and love.  This is how all head of families should be.  Men are naturally better protectors in how God made them.  Men are taller, more muscular, and have lower voices that command fear and respect from an enemy who is seeking harm their familyimages.

St. Joseph was a quiet man of prayer.  All men, whether priests or fathers, need to be prayerful so as to know how to lead their family to God.  It is hard for men to be quiet and prayerful.  But St. Joseph gives us an example of praying and working.  He also enjoyed the time he spent with his family, Jesus and Mary.  It is fine for men to be more active while praying and could even pray while they work.

St. Joseph was not lazy, he was a worker.  Many people look down on workers.  Jesus was the son of a carpenter.  Jesus was a manual worker.  How many rich catholics look down on manual workers.  How sad.  We are so fortunate to be traditional catholics where St. Joseph is the protector of the church.  Let us turn to him more often in time on need for protection.  Many a time I have turned to Our Heavenly Father in heaven for protection.  But we also have St. Joseph ready to protect us.  St. Joseph terror of demons, pray for us.