Mary Our Protector

Right off heretics attack our devotion and love for Mary.  When walking the other morning a protestant asked me why we value Mary.  The first reason comes from St. Luke Ch. 1:48 when Mary says “all generations will call me blessed”, that means everyone should call Mary the “Blessed Mother”.  When Mary goes to visit Elizabeth, filled with THE HOLY SPIRIT, Elizabeth cries out “Blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of your womb. How is it possible that the mother of my lord should come to visit me.”  Then she goes on to say; “Blessed are you who believed“.  St. Luke Ch. 1:42-45Madonna with the Christ Child_SASSOFERRATO

When I was a Jesus and Bible only believing catholic, long time ago, and had a hard time  seeing Mary as important, a friend had mine simply had me read the first chapter of St. Luke.  There it is, clear and simple, that Mary is important to God.  Without her cooperation we would not have Jesus our savior.  Without Jesus there is no salvation.  God choose her and God will not throw her away after using her.

All of creation is God’s gift to us.  But Mary is God’s gift to Himself.  He created her to be a paradise for His only Son to be conceived in.  He created her heart in a special way to love and support her son perfectly.  This what St. Louis Marie De Montfort taught.

When we go through tough times we can imagine in prayer leaning on the breast of Jesus with St. John the beloved and Mary there holding our hand and encouraging us with the Love the Father gave her for us.  Our Lady of the Magnificat_BOTTICELLI, Sandro 2

Through out history Mary has been miraculous.  We have Our Lady of Guadalupe who converted millions of Mexicans to the catholic faith in 1531.  We have the battle of Lepanto where her rosary triumphed.  We have Our Lady of Lourdes in 1858 where the healing water continues to heal people.  We have Our Lady of Fatima.  And on and on.

But I want to mention quickly the miracle against the muslims overrunning Europe.  We already know that through Mary’s intercession the battle of Lepanto was won and Europe saved.  Then in 1683 the turks were sieging Vienna Austria when the King of Poland came, (just as all hope was lost, and the emperor and emperoress had already left) and defeated the muslims.  How did it happen.  The king Jon Sobieski went to the Latin Mass that morning.  Then when the muslims were screaming “Allah Allah Allah”, the king and his men said “Maria Maria Maria”.

You may not have heard this before and wonder if it is true.  Well the proof is that the battle was on Sept. 12.  That is the feast day of the name of Mary.  Pope Innocent XI extended this feast day to the universal church after the victory at Vienna.  Pope Benedict has re introduced it into the novus ordo calendar.

Mary is God’s gift to His Son Jesus and to us His children.  May we always turn to Mary for help.  She will then turn to her Son Jesus and eventually or quickly we will be heard.  That is why she is also called Mary Help of Christians.

Mary is our advocate to God.  We can go ourselves, and should go ourselves to God in need.
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 But we also need a good lawyer or representative or advocate and that is Mary.  Go to Jesus’ Queen Mother and things will happen.  Jesus respects His mother as He has asked us to do to our mothers and fathers.

Poor heretics that do not have Mary to turn too.  They have been robbed by the robber the devil.  The devil fears Mary so so much.  That is why he attacks her first when he approaches taking anyone away from the catholic faith.  Be smart.  Defend your Mother and she will defend you.  Can you see Jesus letting people talk smack about Mary.  I do not think so.  Politely, but strongly, He would have defended her, especially her virginity and special place He has put her in the Body of Christ the church.Michael4

We are so fortunate to be traditional catholics and have the great protection of Mary.  May her mantle always be around each one of you and your family.
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 Where Mary is the Angeles are too.  Thank you Mary for all you do for humanity.  Thank you God for the great gift of our Blessed Mother.