Healthy and Happy Traditional Catholics

We traditional catholics take life very seriously and maybe even too seriously.  So to handle the cross of Jesus better we need to also reflect on how to live a happy healthy life.  The soul is effected by the body and vice versa.
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 So how we live and eat effects our souls

Exercise is very important.  One of the best ways of exorcising is walking.  The other evening when I was visiting a traditional family for dinner, (after the dishes were washed), we all went out for a walk around the neighborhood.  As we walked we said one rosary together.
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 After we were finished we visited while walking back.  We did have a small amount of ice cream when we got home.  Walking and praying is easier on the kids and is a good witness to the neighbors.  Today I walked around the park before 6 am when it was still cool.  It would be better to walk with friends, but if need be, alone.  Prayer and Exercise.IMG_9291

Eating right is so important.  Again we traditional catholics tend to help a lot at church and have all the work of homeschooling.  Because of this we do not have a lot of time to prepare healthy food.  It is so important to eat whole grain foods and fresh vegetables.  We all want to make some sacrifices for the conversion of the world and church.  What better way than eating healthy food, rather than what taste good.  Eating healthy food is actually cheaper than junk food.  So it saves money too.  Please try to avoid all fast foods.  A little dessert is fine.  But remember that sweet things are a big temptation.  I do not have them around me and do not buy them so that they do not tempt me to eat them.

Again it takes a lot of discipline.  So I want to encourage all of you to make a schedule of your weekdays.  Time to get up, to pray, to eat, to get chores done, and school time.  Even if you break the schedule you have a rhythm that you and your kids can get use to.  Traditional Monks and Nuns have schedules in their lives.  You are definitely not monks or nuns, but tradition has taught us over centuries that a life lived with a disciplined rhythm is healthier and holier.  IMG_9446

Children like consistency and order.  They hate it at first, but with CONSISTENCY they begin to settle down and expect to live according to the schedule.  I want to emphasis how important it is to not give up and despair at first when everyone is complaining.  No, it will pay off in the long run.  It is very much like avoiding sins and doing good.  It pays off in the long run especially that great great bliss of heaven forever.  Our homes will never be heaven, they are more like purgatory.  If all hell is breaking out, you definitely need help.

Exercise through sports is great for the body and soul.  But there is an un-natural emphasis on running all week long to sports practices and games.  Keep the sports activity to once a week and never never on Sunday.  You can play sports as a family or with friends or as a parish.  But organized sports should be avoided so that you have time to pray, rest, eat, and visit on the Lord’s Day, Sunday.

No family is perfect, no priest is perfect.  But we do want to work on a balanced life as live our life.  You are doing well, just a little more discipline when it comes to eating right and exercising.  A fun thing to do is to can or freeze food together with other families.  IMG_3199_1

Finely what is important is balance or in moderation.  Moderation is doing things with discipline but not overdoing it.  Maybe today you can sit down and make a schedule.  Maybe this week you can organize some canning or freezing get together with you friends. Above all remember that your kids are a gift from God and are made to help you in your life.  We are so fortunate to know about traditional home style eating habits.