Encouraging Traditional Catholics with Good News

Here at St Catherine of Sienna in Phoenix Az. I continue to meet many people who really want to please God, not their selves.  It is so refreshing to see this and know that there are people who get it.  Can we not please God by attending a quiet latin mass for one hour a week for all He has given us all week long.   Can we not adore God and not our own likes?

IMG_9566We do need to take life in a sacred way, but not get too serious about all the problems in the church and the world.  We need to pray, help, love and let God do the rest.  As you all know, going against the culture is difficult.  But when we help each other out, it is so much easier.Our-Lady 3

Imagine how hard life would be if we were committing Mortal Sins on top of the everyday problems.  Jesus has helped us so much with His Spirit and Graces to live a much healthier life.  How fortunate we are to be in His arms and in the arms of His mother Mary.IMG_9569


Went and visited some families on Saturday and blessed two houses.  IMG_9557These parents make so many sacrifices for their children.  One dad was saying how much he now appreciates all that his parents did for him because what he has to sacrifice for his children.  Isn’t it sad that after our parents work so hard and worry so much, we still make it harder on them by complaining and fighting them.  We children need to thank our parents for all the sacrifices they have made and are still making for us and our family.  Also as parents or priests we need to listen and try to understand the difficulty the kids are going through too.  We need to be patient and loving as we try to get them to come closer to God.   God and our parents were patient with us too.

Talking to a mom today, she was telling me how her kids asked her to stay home more and spend more time with them.  She was a very sociable person.  Now she still has many good friends, but she now tries to put God and her family first.  The kids are mostly grown up now, but they continue to come home and visit all the time.  God and Family make us happy.

God will reward all you good parents for all the sacrifices you are making.  And do not forget that traditional morals and catholicism will help your kids avoid many of the downfalls of society.  Thank God your kids are not those who are setting off bombs.