Fruits of The Traditional Holy Spirit

Pope Francis was praising how the Holy Spirit inspired Pope John XXIII to call Vatican II and how anyone who wants to go back are going against the Holy Spirit.Pentecost_woodcut printKlosterneuburg

The Holy Spirit has very clear signs when He is active.  One of them is conversion.  Another is missionary work.  Another is New Life.  Another is Truth.  Another is Unity.

The evil ghost and his minions also have very clear signs when they are active.  One of them is falling away from the true catholic church.  Another is death.  Another is confusion. Another is lies.  Another is division.Anti-Christ Sermon and deeds_detail1_SIGNORELLI, Luca

Much good continues to happen in the catholic church because of the simple faith of many of the faithful.  But at the same time we see total disorder and sexual disorder.  Never before Vatican II have we seen so many people leave the catholic church.  Never before did we see so much rebellion against the magisterium of the church by theologians and the faithful.  Never before did we see such massive desertion of priests and nuns from the active ministry.  Never before did we see so many homosexual priests abuse of young men.  Never before did we see so many schools closed down and church property sold.

I was telling some youth, who could not believe it, that churches are sold and used for night clubs, restaurants, Buddhist temples and Muslim mosques.

Before Vatican II there were so many missionaries going around the world to convert non catholics to the true faith.  When you were young many of you remember as I do the small Mary-knoll magazine.  In it there was a cartoon about some martyr.  As a kid I always found this inspiring and remember receiving a package about vocation from them which I had written to receive.

IMG_8623Why is it that very few priests and bishops are preaching the truth?  The Holy Spirit gives courage to preach.  If we have been guided by the Holy Spirit since Vatican II, why do they no longer preach about Hell, Purgatory, birth control, abortion, modesty and homosexuality?  The  Holy Spirit inspires us to preach powerful homilies.  Where is the Holy Spirit in the people who leave church angrily, if anything is said that does not tickle their fancy.  Why do almost all catholics pick and choose what they want to believe in if they are guided by the Spirit of Truth.  No they are guided by the spirit of lies, the devil and the world.

Any intelligent and sensible person can add up the numbers.  So let us count up how many people were catholics before Vatican II and after.  Let us see how many seminarians and religious vocation there were before and after.  Let us see how many people came into the church before and after.  Let us see how many of our own family members were in the church before and how many, if any, are still in the church today.  What was the average age of catholics at mass before and after Vatican II.  We know that the churches now are half full and most have grey hair.  How many catholics went to mass every sunday before and after Vatican II.  Obviously, a way higher percent went to sunday mass before.

Vatican-II-processing-inI think they meant well when they try to get up to date with the world.  But isn’t 50 years enough time to get the facts right.  The facts all say something went terribly wrong.  Let’s face it, throwing out the past and bringing in the world was a huge mistake.

When “the powers to be” finally realize reality, we, the traditionalist, will already be ahead of them.  That is why we are so important right now.  This is why we must never get discouraged.  The Holy Spirit is definitely working in us and through us.images-1

Let’s look at the fruits of the Holy Spirit in traditional catholics.  The traditional seminaries are overfull with young vocations to the priesthood and religious life.  The Holy Latin Mass is full of young families with lots of children.  Traditional catholics love the teachings of the church and live them.  You feel the passion and new life in these catholics coming from the Holy Spirit.

Truthfully, I do not think that the pope or the bishops or the priests or religious will ever get it.  It will only be a miracle done by the Holy Spirit that opens their minds and eyes to the disaster and spiritual shambles the church is in now.  Then hopefully they will look to TRADITION.Norwalk 292291_3054964253448_1243584906_32507753_1751314111_n

But most likely only the B. S. will work.  The Biological Solution of dying off or retiring will finally give a chance to the younger more orthodox priests and religious to start making a difference.  But many of my orthodox priests friends do not get it either.  They rant against the terrible theology being taught and the low level of morality amongst the catholic laity, but they do not realize that it is the modernist theology that has caused what they fight against.

We are so fortunate to be working with the Holy Spirit and are helping Him to RENEW the face of the earth through tradition, that which has worked all these centuries.  Thank you all who feel alone and persecuted for working with the Holy Spirit for love, truth, unity, and spreading the true catholic faith.  You will be rewarded by God here and here after.