Catholic Gun Control is in the Soul, not the Government

Every time there is a shooting, everyone calls for gun control.  Catholic teaching says that we have a right and duty to protect our families and ourself from someone else killing us or harming us.  There is also the Just War Theory.  It is just to use violence, if need be, to gain a greater good and to save innocent lives.

I remember reading in the Saint Michael Paper from Quebec about a priest who gave a lenten retreat to Pope John Paul.  In that retreat he said what the anti christ would be like.  He clearly stated that he would be a pacifist, a ecologist and a ecumenist.Sermon and Deeds of Antichrist_Luca Signorelli

Jesus gives the gift of peace at every Holy Mass.  We are called by Jesus to be peacemakers.  But there is a time for going to battle as we see through out history.  St. Joan of Arc, the Vendees, the Cristeros, the struggle against Hitler.  All these needed armed resistance.

I feel that if all arms are banded, then the government takes away our constitutional right to be able to defend ourselves.   Don’t forget the devil always wants to control and destroy the True Catholic Faith.  And he has plenty of his co workers.Michael Archangel_and the Devil_RAFFAELLO Sanzio

My parents raised us to be pacifist.  I was one until I started the St. Francis Catholic Kitchen in Santa Cruz, Cal.  We never knew when one of the guest would become extremely violent.  It was usually provoked by schizophrenia or being high on drugs.  I quickly left my pacifism behind and called on the police to control the person threatening to do harm to others.  Police are able to keep us safe by the real threat of using a gun if need be.

The problem is not guns.  The problem is watered down catholicism and sin.  You can ban all guns, but someone who wishes to kill can use fertilizer to make bombs to blow up more than any arms can do.  We saw that in the Oklahoma City bombing of the federal building by Tim McVeigh.

It is the heart that kills innocent people.  If we can convert the heart to be holy, then we will not have to control everyone and everything from doing violence.  Criminals have no problem at all of obtaining Guns.  There is a lot of talk that the carteles in Mexico obtain guns from the USA.  All over the world there are sales of Guns made in the USA.  All over the world they are able to get drugs into the USA.  The same thing will happen to guns being smuggled into the USA.

The solution is as always, Traditional Catholic Doctrine.  When you have true morals being taught and lived, we do not need to police everyone.  We do not need a police state.  Confession is a place where we accuse ourselves from with in of our sins and weaknesses.  The gun control we need is from with in the heart and soul.  As we have sacred liturgies we will respect God’s laws and respect human life.misaa

Anyway God is in control and we are so fortunate to not have to worry about what is going on.  We pray the 15 decade rosary for peace as Mary asked us to do at Fatima.  We work for the return of sacred traditional catholicism.  And we work on peace in our hearts and families.  When you do a good confession and are truly sorry and humbly getting all the sins out, you have immediate peace in your soul.  The peace of God passes all understanding.