The Traditional Meaning of Life and Death

Two things happened yesterday; terrorist exploded two bombs at the Boston Marathon that killed 3 people and injured 176 and at the same time, Barbara Jean Willke, “mother” of the pro-life movement, died.  Barbara Willke wrote the book “Handbook of Abortion” with her obstetrician husband Dr. John Willke.  O.B. doctors know what is in the womb.

pregnancyI did not know until today, when a couple who are visiting with me from California, came to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and told me what happened.  I do not watch TV.   Once in a while I look quickly at the FOX news web site.  I want to encourage everyone to not waste your life watching news, sports and other shows on TV.  Be careful about the time you use on the computer too.  I thank you for reading my blog.  But if you have not prayed yet, do that instead of reading my blog.  I am only bringing up important things about God.  Prayer is actually being with God.

I am against feminism, that comes from marxist ideology, that pits women against men and men against women in the work place and home.  But I totally admire the great women, like Barbara Willke, who used her femininity to work with men to save lives.  We need to be men and women working together to bring about the Kingdom of God.  We accomplish this by using each others God given gifts of masculinity and femininity.  olv1

Here we have on the same day, April 15, 2013, the destruction of life and the natural death of a women who worked so hard to save life.

We do not know as of yet who is responsible for the exploding of the bombs, but it was reported that they were bombs similar to what is used in Afghanistan and Iraq.  We also know that many people’s life will never be the same.  They say that these bombs are made with material that is very hard to detect.  Now are we going to have to be search at every public event?  Are we going to live in fear because this horrible terror attack?  No!LERISSURREZIONE

In the book that Dr. and Barbara Willke wrote, you clearly see the terror attack on the most innocent life torn to pieces by those doctors who are suppose to be saving these babies lives.  And  the people all over the world go to these abortion mills on purpose to have these babies torn to pieces.  I do not think people are going to go to marathons that fast for a while, because they value their lives.  The acts of terror have an effect precisely because no one wants to be torn to pieces.  No, the United States of America will be in shock for a few weeks.  The news will be watched for hours on hours by millions of people because it is a very very scary thing that happened.

The meaning of life for Dr. and Barbara Willke was to save lives and save souls.   Barbara will have her funeral at St. Clare’s Church in College Hill, Ohio.  It will be this Friday at 12 noon.  This is our traditional catholic meaning of life.  Did she see the end of Roe Vs. Wade?  No.  But she and her husband had a meaningful life because they worked and lived for the big picture, helping God save lives.Elevation_Christmas Mass_photo

If these bombs were planted by catholics, we would all be rounded up into concentration  camps.  Even if these bombs were not planted by muslims, there have been plenty of bombs that have destroyed many lives done by muslims.  Our faith does not teach us to be terrorist.  Yes we need to fight for what is right as St. Joan of Arc did, but we hate to have any violence take place.  We as catholics are taught to never take innocent life, the “Just War Theory”.  Delacroxi

What religion you belong to and believe in does make a difference.  I also recently read that in Saudi Arabia there are orders to destroy all christian churches.  It is against the law to go to the Holy Mass in Saudi Arabia.  Catholics do it underground.

Why did the bombs destroy lives and injure people?  Simple answer; because these people are not traditional catholics.  We traditional catholics believe in God and His rules. The more people become true traditional followers of Jesus as catholics we will see goodness and love starting in each family and parish extending out to all mankind.  We need to be like St. Francis who went to the Holy Land and tried to convert muslims on the way there and back.  Because of his efforts in the 1200’s the franciscans have permission to have the churches in the Holy Land.   But the way things are going there, they are loosing a lot of their rights they had.
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 Pray for the conversion of the muslims to be traditional catholics.  They would make great traditionalist because they do not mess around when it comes to religion.  The only problem is that they have the wrong religion.

The answer to the terrorist attacks and abortion is correct strong religious convictions.  People say that the muslim religion is passionate and that is why they blow up people with bombs.  That is why atheists are against religion and especially religions that have strong religious beliefs.  The problem is not with the strong religious beliefs, but in what those beliefs are.  Are they true or not?Crucifixion_TINTORETTO

Our founder, Jesus Christ never killed anyone, in fact he was murdered on the cross.  The founder of the muslim religion, Mohammed was a warrior who killed and had others kill in the name of allah.abort

We are so fortunate to have hope that if every person in this wonderful world would become a traditional catholic, we would have no more wars, greed,divorce, abortions, abuse and terrorist bombings.  All of you, the meaning of life is to follow Jesus and to work for the restoration of His Holy Church and His Holy Catholic doctrine.  I feel so sure about this that it encourages me to go on in spite of all the persecution and hatred I receive because of my mission.  I have meaning in life.  You too will have meaning in life if you let go of your selfish small worlds and enter into God’s difficult but beautiful world of renewing the catholic church back to tried and proven traditions.