My Traditional Sisters in Christ

At 8 am I celebrated the Holy Tridentine Mass for the spiritually beautiful nuns of the Trinitarians of Mary in West Covina California. IMG_9504IMG_9507

We had such a great talk after mass.  They too are persecuted because they teach the catholic faith with all its truth.  So they told me they are my daughters and we will support and pray for each other in our cross following Jesus for the good of His church.  IMG_9522They do not have the Tridentine Mass because there are not priest who is willing to come and celebrate it.  Molly Waters is friends of the foundress of this order, Mother Lily.  Molly told me that Mother Lily wanted the Traditional Latin Mass when she started the order.  There are very few priests who live in Los Angeles who are saying the Tridentine Mass.  Let us pray that there will be many more in the future and that one will be willing to say the Holy Mass for the Sisters.  IMG_9529

The Sisters spend their life praying for the sanctification of priests.  Thank you my sisters for your prayers and kindness.  They agree that we need more kindness in the catholic church.flowers3zz9

One sister asked me to remind us who love the church and tradition to reach out in love to the other catholics who as of yet do not know about tradition and not to stay in a traditional ghetto.  She felt that is how we are perceived by other catholics.  I totally agree with her and said that is what I am trying to do with my life, to share the great power and beauty of our catholic faith.  We do need to show more love to those who hate us for our love of tradition.  Never forget, that most of us came to know the truth over a long time.  Let us be loving and patient with others as they are touch by the Holy Ghost.  It is the Holy Ghost who is leading this restoration.  We are just the Holy Ghost’s instruments.

The people that hate us and hate what is Holy, are working against the Holy Ghost and will not win.  For a while they win, but over the long run, God always wins like Good Friday and Easter Sunday.  Please keep these nuns in your prayers and let us pray for the enemies of tradition, that the Holy Ghost will illuminate them with humility and the truth.  Let us pray also for each other that we will be humble and prayerful and loving.  IT is so wonderful to be traditional catholics.  Holy Ghost we trust in You.