Traditional Catholic Retreat for the Trinitarians of Mary Nuns in West Covina, Califonia

I was asked to give a retreat to the Nuns in West Covina.  It was a joy to share the day with them.  I showed them beautiful pictures that say everything.
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IMG_9446I talked about the catholic church before and after.  All you need to do is show evidence and it speaks for itself.

IMG_9462All you wonderful people who love truth and sacredness, just show the evidence of the splendor of the church before the modern church and people believe.  Truth stands on its own.IMG_9449

Jesus is God and deserves the greatest love and respect we can give Him.  Enough of pleasing people and entertaining people.  Let us please God.  Rush Limbaugh said that; “the greatest prison we can live in, is to care about what others think of us”.