Que Viva Cristo Rey and the Illuminati

Many have seen the movie “For Greater Glory”.   What was never mentioned in this movie is the fact that the Masons were behind all the stealing of land from the church, and the torture and killing priest, men, women and even children.  Many people are not interested in the persecution of the catholics in Mexico because they are mexicans.  I have studied the Cristeros resistance for years.  It has deeply influenced my life and my priesthood.
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 I am not Mexican, but I am a traditional catholic.  That is why I love all martyrs from all over the world. Padre Angulo

In the Latin Breviary, they have the section on the martyrs everyday.  By reading the ways they were brutally tortured and for a long time, we traditional catholics feel better because we know these martyrs suffered as we are suffering now, trying to resist evil.  They suffered way more, way way more.  So when we reflect on this, we know that part of following Jesus will entail great suffering.  But then you see that the martyrs won in the Roman era and in every era.  “The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the new faith.”

Sr. Cura SedanoWhen ever I meet some people from Jalisco Mexico, they tend to be so respectful of priests.  I know that this is because so many of the priest and people who were tortured and killed in the time of the Cristeros lived in Jalisco.  So much blood was shed and that is why there is a deeper faith in this part of Mexico.  Diosecis hidrocalida

What a wonderful tradition, when talking of traditions, is when the Mexicans kiss the hands of a priest.  Again I was at a store after going to the abortion mill last Tuesday.  A Mexican man recognized me, greeted me and so respectfully kissed my hand.  Why do they do that?  Because a priest’s hands are consecrated at his ordination.  They show respect to the hands that will touch the Holy Body of Christ.  Kissing of a priest’s hand is tradition.  I do not accept it because I am special, but because my priesthood is special.

Before when I was a child we often went to Mexico.
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 I was surprised to see grown children kneel before their parents, kissing their hands and ask for their blessing.  Beautiful traditions that are lost for good.  Now the new tradition is for kids to hit their parents and maybe even kill them if they do not do what they want.  Which traditions do we want?Enfermeras

Going back to the persecution of the catholics in Mexico, it was the masons or what is now known as the Illuminati.  I have a book on Archbishop Jimenez y Orozco of Guadalajara and the Masons.   At this time many priest and nuns were exiled to the United States.  When Archbishop Jimenez y Orozco came to San Francisco California to visit these people, the masons tried to kill him.  One time he got up to answer the phone and a bullet went through his chair he was seated in instants before.Scan 24

History is extremely important.  Most people only want to know what is happening on the news right now.  They will not take the time to read and study what happened before 50 years ago.  The Cristeros resistance mostly happened in 1926 till 1929.  But the Mexican catholics have been persecuted ever since Benito Juarez in 1840.

After that was the Mexican American War. That was in 1848.  The masonic president of the United States, Polk provoked the Mexicans by firing on them in Texas.  His real reason for the war was what is historically known as “Manifest Destiny”.  What that meant was that the protestant United States felt that it was their destiny to rule from the east coast to the west coast, from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean.  José Luis Sánchez del Río 2

Throughout history, and that is why we need to study history, from the French Revolution till now, the masons would go in and overthrow governments that were working with the Catholic Church.  It is called filibuster.  Before Mexico’s government respected the catholic church and the two worked together at this time.  So President Polk provoked the war and invaded Mexico.  They went on to reach Mexico City and Mexico surrendered.  The Illuminati were active then too.  All this land we live on in western United States was taken away from our catholic Mexican brothers and sisters.

Many Americans, and most catholics, could care less because these are poor Mexicans.  They like being better than others.  But Jesus tells us that all the catholics in the world are truly our brothers and sisters.  Don’t forget that Jesus and Mary were poor.  We need to love and help each other, especially the persecuted traditional catholics and the poor.

Traditional catholics love the traditional latin mass because we know and love history.  We know that the catholic church is not just 50 years old.  That is a lie.  There really was a catholic church before Vatican II and it was GOOD.  When you go to Europe, check it out.   You will see real catholic churches.  These real catholic churches were built centuries ago and scientific evidence that the catholic church is older than Vatican II.  I was once in Lodi Italy and in a church that has had the Holy Latin Mass ever since the year 383.  That was shortly after the catholics were finally able to have the holy mass in public without being given to the lions for dinner or the gladiators for sport.  Just for a reminder, we are 1980 year old catholics.  That’s a lot of tradition.l_809a0e84f39e48f0bf203f6d4f32954c

The catholic Cristeros were brutally hung, tortured and killed by the masons.  But in the end the catholic faith was not destroyed, as their President Plutarco Elias Calles had sworn to do.  Again today we traditional catholics will be treated as second class catholics in most parts of the catholic church.  We will be hated.  But God always, always, has a way of winning.  But as the Cristeros suffered, and I may say, way way worse than we suffer, we will pay a price to help restore the catholic church.  That is why we need to stay close together and love each other.  When ever the Cristeros were being executed, they always forgave the soldiers and told them they would pray for them.  We too need to forgive all those who persecute us for tradition, truth and morals.  We need to pray for them too.  Reading about the Cristeros helps us be faithful like they were.