Tradition and False traditions like Illuminati

One of the latest trends is for the youth to become part of the Illuminati.  Sadly my little friend Ashley died from Leukemia yesterday.  Pray for her parents Joe and Angelica.  On the way to the hospital a young friend told me about what is happening at her high school concerning satan and the Illuminati.  She told me about a triangle with 6 on each side.  More and more of the kids are wearing Illuminati shirts.  You can get them easily at the malls.  Many songs are about this new movement.  And some of the people she knows that are involved in this are “catholics”.  The parents are unaware of what is going on.  This quickly growing movement greatly worries me, because I think it is preparation for the Anti Christ to Rule.  I also am very concerned because fooling around with the devil is addicting and very difficult to overcome once you would like to leave him.   396749_319993431366685_100000680923035_1084214_653485630_n

Why are these youth going into the occult and the Illuminati?  I believe because they are looking for tradition.  They like the mystery, the rituals, the power and symbols.  They find community and acceptance in these strange friends.

Traditional Catholicism in the Latin tradition has mystery, power and deep symbols.  Through these holy rites, if these youth were ever exposed to it, they would be satisfied and not have to go into the devil’s trap.  Human beings are created to enter into mystery and sacrifice.  All pagan religions have these elements.  They explain and deal with the supernatural that is confusing when there is not some sort of religious explanation.

Jesus Christ reveled His positive religion of Catholicism to overcome paganism.  It satisfies man on a deeper level and sets him free from fear and evil spirits.  As we enter into post christianity and post catholicism, we  are seeing the return to paganism and the worship of satan instead of God.  IMG_7567

Many young Mexicans are becoming Aztecs again.  They call themselves Mecicas.  They reject catholicism an return to pagan worship of their many gods.  In the schools in Mexico they tell the little kids that before the oppressive catholics took over Mexico, they had many gods, the god of rain, the god of corn, the god of fertility, and many other gods.  It is quite appealing to children.  I actually took a picture of a poster that said, “Reevaluating Human Sacrifices” at a Mexican pyramid.

The Wiccan religions is said to be the fasted growing religion today.  It mimics a lot of catholic rites.  They baptize, they anoint with oil, they have candles, it is secret.  Some of my parishioners kids were into the Wiccan religion.  I actually purchased a Wiccan bible to study it.  I was scared to study it ,and have it, so I kept it in my garage.  “The Da Vinci Code” is all about the mysterious religion of Wicca.  It is an easy religion were you do white magic and one of the greatest spells are done from the power of relationships.  It is very sensual and it is white witchcraft to get a lover.  There is no such thing as sin, and all things sinful are allowed as long as you do not hurt anyone else.virdolor1

Traditional catholicism has splendor, beauty, chants, mystery, symbols and sacrifice.  But is is all oriented toward a loving God who humbles Himself to share in our humanity and history.  Therefore if we care about our future, our children, and our youth, then we need to be happy to be traditional and share all the riches of our faith we had before all of the catholic faith was stripped of in the last 50 years.  Instead of rediscovering pagan worship, shouldn’t we rediscover traditional catholicism?  How blessed we are to have this great treasure of traditional catholicism and know it pleases Jesus as well.cristorey+144