Traditional Truth Keeps us Safe. Sin = Death Holiness = Life

Yesterday some friends told me about their son being held up a gun point as he left his job.  Today another friend told me about how wonderful her childhood was in Mexico.  She and her sisters would walk two hours to visit their grandmother totally safe and happy.  But not anymore.  Now no woman can go alone and not even with other women, the need a man to go and protect them.  Not to long ago in this same place her 16 year old nephew was killed because he was on a bad path.  Not only the horror of a 16 year old being murdered, but way worse is that he probably is in hell for all eternity.  That makes me feel horrible.  Just the idea of a 16 year old going to hell to be tortured by the devils and his conscience forever, bothers me greatly because I have true compassion.

IMG_7838A couple of weeks ago I was visiting the hospital and a mother came to ask me to visit her 14 year old son.  When I entered his room, I was surprised that he had tattoos.  He was in the hospital because he was involve in criminal activity and fell off the roof and his lungs had collapsed.  Right off I knew something must be wrong with his parents to have a 14 year old already all tattooed up.  So I asked his mother about his dad, she said, “he is in Mexico”.  She told me she is living with another man.  There it is.  Why aren’t his parents together.  But this still does not justify his actions, but it sure has a lot to do with it.Nuptial_Mass_Missa_Nuptialis

The liberals believe in compassion.  I do too.  But where is the compassion for all these suffering children from divorce?  We have miss placed compassion to justify sin.  Why is Mexico, a catholic country, un safe for kids and women and men as well?  What is wrong with our catholic faith?  Why is it producing all these criminals?

Mexico and the world is getting dangerous because bishops and priests are not preaching the truth about sin.  Yes the culture, the TV, the movies, the schools are all advocating sin sin sin.  But we are afraid to name sin for what it is because we will be persecuted by the people in the pews, some of the bishops and other priests.  I think some priests and bishops want to have their sins too, so they are hesitant to condemn sin other wise it comes back on their own personal life style.  And yes many are compassionate to sinners as they see Jesus was, but fail act like Jesus who also told the sinner to sin no more.  And meanwhile the world only gets worse and worse.  Misa y Animas

I think we need to state this clearly.  When we fail to preach about sin, any sin, people sin more and more.  The 16 year old was murdered.
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 This is a sin.  He was doing sinful things when he was killed, this is sin.  The man who at gun point robbed my friends son, he sinned the against the 7th commandment of robbery and use of a gun to intimidate him. this is sin.  The 14 year old boy in the hospital was there for his own sins, but also a father and mother having relationships before a holy marriage, and leaving children behind, this is sin too.

Hind sight is always 20 20.  We look at the crimes and we see that they are wrong.  But why did they happen in the first place.  Because people sinned.  Why do people sin?  Because we bishops and priest are not forming people’s conscience in the knowledge of sin.  We are afraid of telling the truth, God’s truth.  And what are the consequences?  A dangerous society to live in, murdered youth, fearful children and broken families.

God’s Truth is found in the Bible and in the 2000 years of catholic church’s teachings.  temptation of Christ on the Mount_DUCCIO di Buoninsegna

I have compassion; therefore I preach the truth about sin whether I am persecuted for it or not.  Just like all the people who die of AIDS every year.  If they had not had immoral relationships or used needles when shooting up with drugs, very few of them would be suffering and dying from AIDS.  Whenever a virgin man and a virgin woman marry and have relations, it is impossible for them to get any STD.  Sin causes STD and it is something like 1 in 4 young persons have some form of this decease.  Herpes can never ever be cured.  It makes you contagious and sick until you die.  Where is the compassion when we do not stop people from suffering from STDs.  The fruits of sin is death.  Sin = Death.  Truth will set you free.  Truth preached by bishops and priests and parents about sin is really Jesus’ compassion.  We are so fortunate to be traditional catholics and know the truth and thus avoid so so much suffering.  Let us share our traditional truth with others, even though we will be persecuted for it, because we love and have compassion.