Traditional Home Schooling Mothers

IMG_9332IMG_9337How important it is to teach our children our faith.  All you wonderful mothers who home school your kids are forming them for a happy and spiritually safe future.  Thank you moms who work so hard for the good of your kids.  Right now there is a dad and son visiting.  Some asked me if the son was homeschooled.  I said yes.  This person who asked said, he could tell that because he is well adjusted, playful and respectful.  You parents, be encouraged.  Your efforts are paying off.IMG_3316

Right now it is a great sacrifice to keep the school work going amongst all the other demands of life.  But it is the souls of your children that you are protecting and forming.  They are eternal.  I was home schooled till High School.  My parents tried their best to keep us children innocent and good.  We make our own decisions, good and bad, later on, but the formation of our childhood remains through out life.IMG_9361

No parent is perfect.  No priest is perfect.  Only Jesus and Mary were perfect in this world.  We ask God to help us be perfect as Our Heavenly Father is.  But just because we are not quite there yet, do we need to not teach our kids the best we can.IMG_9353

You parents have a gift from the Holy Ghost that will help you be good parents.  Pray and be honest with yourself when it come to how strict to be with your kids.  Dads and Moms talk it out together.  Dads balance Moms.  Moms balance Dads.  God put men and women to balance each other out.
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 God will guide you.  Do not let other people’s criticism effect what God is guiding you to do.   But never forget to pray when you are making decisions about your children.IMG_3318

Again, do not take yourself too seriously.
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 We all make it some way or another.  Chill out. You have no agenda like they have in the schools today.  You only want the best for your kids.  Relax, be disciplined and enjoy the process and journey.IMG_9335

Just raising a kid is a great accomplishment.  All the great saints were raised by parents.  If they had not been raised by parents, we would not have them as our saints today.IMG_9343