Thank You to All Traditional Priests who are Trying to be Holy

This comment was sent to me by a priest.  It says a great deal and gives us great Easter hope.
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“Thank you for this article. We live in a very exciting and glorious period of church history. Holy Mother Church is in the world. It should not be of this world. Through it all the Holy Spirit continues to lead and guide her.
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I am convinced that the Holy Ghost is leading priests who have a deep love and abiding respect for the Traditional Latin Mass. Someday, this beautiful Mass will once again become the norm for Catholics throughout the world. We must remain faithful and prayerful priests. The Extraordinary Form of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is the essence of the Church’s life and Sacraments. I am so humbled to think I now have the daily opportunity to offer Holy Mass using the Tridentine Rite.”

Padre Miguel Pro at the instant the bullets enter his body

Padre Miguel Pro at the instant he gives up his life for Cristo Rey as the bullets enter his body.Cura de Zapotlan

Padre Inocencio Flores after being tortured to death for Christ the King in Mexico.

Be encourage, not discouraged, you priest who are trying to please God so much.  Thank you and God will reward you with a fruitful priesthood and with eternal rewards.