Sorrow and Joy – Heaven and Earth

In the Breviary, there is a prayer that talks about the joy of Easter as the foretaste of the joy of heaven.
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 We traditional catholics have more than our share of the cross because we stand firm against the current of the culture and church we live in.  Only dead fish and other trash flow with the current to be dumped out into the sea.  It takes a great deal of strength to swim against the current so you do not end up in the cultural dump.  Assumption300px

So when we suffer the cross, we at times forget the glory that awaits us.  It is real, this joy one feels at the Missa Cantata or the Solemn High Latin Mass.  And as it is said, “is the greatest experience this side of heaven”.  So we will experience eventually and eternally the great joys we are experiencing right now by meditating on the glory of Jesus victor, Jesus King, and Jesus forever with us.  The sorrows of today are nothing in comparison with the Joys that await us.  So let us meditate more on the great joys that surround us in a upside down world.
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The “Attitude of Gratitude” always helps.  In our prayer time we need to let go of our fears and troubles and hand them over to God who is so much bigger than our problems.  We need to be thankful that we have truth and nature.  Then we continue to encourage each other.  We continue to do some small or large thing for those around us.  Let us tell each other that blind faith does work better than worry and despair.  A little smile, a short phone call, a card with kind words, and even an email does make a difference.

Your wife, your husband, your parents, your children, your brothers and sisters all need a little complementing once in awhile.  Take a little time to build up those we love around us.  Especially encourage those traditional people around you.