Non-Traditional Visit from Jehovah’s Witnesses

Two women came to my door.  When I went to greet them and saw the Bible and the Awake Magazine in their hands.  I invited them in.  (Remember they come wanting to talk with us to convert us) They sat down and off we went for a hour.  I congratulated them for going door to door like I have often done.  One of the ladies informed me that she used to be catholic and left because someone showed her that trinity is not in the Bible and that as a catholic she had great difficulty accepting that teaching.502013222_univ_pnr_lg

Most of us catholics are afraid of discussing our faith with Jehovah’s witnesses.  I think it is because they use the Bible so much and we are not able to quote back scripture to them to defend our faith.  Again, I can never emphasis enough the need to know the Bible.  Thanks be to God, my parents taught me the Bible since I was a kid.  I still do not know it to the point that I can find a passage to prove that the catholic faith is the true faith.  I admitted this right off to them.  But I did tell them I do know the Bible very well.1011208_univ_pns_lg

Every person can interpret the Bible the way they see it.  It all started with Martin Luther who said the Bible was understandable and evident in what it means.  The Bible alone.  Well now 500 years later we have thousands of christian religions who interpret the Bible in their own way and none of us agree on everything.  I told them that I trust the catholic church’s interpretation because we have had the holiest men and women over the 2000 year history, praying and studying holy scripture.  I give the example of St. Jerome who left a brilliant career in Rome to study scripture in Bethlehem.  He was close to the time of Christ and living in the place that a great deal of the Bible was written.  He knew Hebrew, Greek and Latin. I trust him much more than myself.  He is just one example of the great scripture saints we have for us who correctly interpreted the Bible.  The devil loves that we are divided on what the holy words of scripture mean and how they effect our lives and eternity.

How absolutely horrible is that the Jehovah’s witnesses deny the divinity of Jesus.  That is exactly what the devil wants.  As soon as we do not believe Jesus is divine (God) then we make Him into our image and He has no power over us.  Please every time you see a Jehovah’s Witness, tell them you are willing to die for defending that Jesus is God.1011202_univ_pnr_lg

I will go over a few of the subjects we talked about:

Hell.  The Jehovah Witnesses do not believe in hell.  They say that the definition of hell is a grave.  I told them that now that I have told them about the catholic faith, they had a good chance of going to know hell, whether they believed in it or not.  Just not believing in something does not make it go away.  Jesus says that “the fire that does not go out and the worm that does not die”.  This doesn’t sound like a hole in the ground.  They believe in the devil.  Where does he live??  They said their God of love is not the catholic God who created hell to torture people in.  I told them that Jesus (God) died to save us from hell, we choose to go there.   God does not want anyone in hell.

Heaven:  Of course everyone knows about the 140,000 only who go to heaven.  Right after that in Revelations it says a group of people who could not be counted.  They said that those people were here on earth.  I told them about going to be with God for eternity in heaven.  One of the ladies said she is happy with a earthly paradise.  I said how boring to be here for all eternity.  I told them they have a chance of going to heaven if they become catholics.502013262_univ_pnr_lg

Jesus:  He is a god, not God.  They can not understand the trinity.  It does take supernatural grace to believe in the trinity.  I told them I would pray they get the grace to believe in something that is not easy to believe in.  They would not agree that all christians believe in the trinity.  I told them they were being dishonest in saying that.  How can Jesus save us, if He is not God.  They brought up the council of Nicea.  They said Constantine forced the bishops to believe that Jesus is God.  The Gospel of St John is the best for the trinity.  They use it against the trinity, but I use if for the trinity.  Jesus says that He and the Father are one.  “If you see Me you have seen the Father”.  They even brought up “Proceeding from the Father” in the Nicean Creed.  They asked how Jesus could pray if He was God.  I said it is communications between the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.  It does not need to be words, it is heart to heart.  They didn’t agree.C.T._Russell

Charles Russel: He is founder of the Jehovah Witnesses.  I told them about when his wife divorced him, the grounds was his relations with the young servant girls in their house.  They said later his wife recanted on that.  All I know that is public record from the divorce hearings.  They said he is not important because they are not Russelites.

10 commandments:  They do not believe in the 10 commandments, because they have been replace, fulfilled by the new covenant of the 140,000 people.  I always bring up the man who asked Jesus, “what must I do to be saved?” and Jesus answers with some of the ten commandments.  If it is important for Jesus and for salvation, then we go along with that part of the Old Testament.  They asked me why not sacrifice animals?

Citizens:  They do not believe in serving in the military and I do not think they vote.  They said that their kingdom is not of this world.  I agree, we are of the kingdom of Jesus Christ.  But we still do care about our country.

To end; I told them about the miracle of Lanciano where the host turned in to the flesh of Jesus heart.  I told them they do not have eternal life because they are not eating the Body and Blood of Jesus as is written in the Gospel of St. John Chapter 6.  I also told them about St. Paul’s 1st. letter to the Corinthians 11.  It can not be any more clearer.

Again, non of us have to fear dialoging with other catholics, protestants, non-denominationalist, Mormans or Jehovah Witnesses.  We stay comfortable in what we believe.  We believe that the Catholic Church is founded by Jesus Christ and have the facts of archeology to prove it.  We do not need to defend it from the Bible.  The Church was here before one word was written in the New Testament.  Try if you can to use the Bible, but they will go from one verse after another.  In love, talk and pray.  We never know who will believe some day.   We let the Holy Ghost lead us.  Be not afraid.2013240_univ_lss_lg

I told them about my love for the poor and founding the St. Francis Catholic Kitchen and Jesus, Mary and Joseph’s Home for the homeless women and children.  I told them I just came out in the front of the Modesto Bee Newspaper leading 1200 people in prayer to stop abortion.  I told them this not to brag but to let them know everything I do and live for is for Love of God, my church and others.  I told them I was taking the time to  dialogue with them because I love them and do not want them to go to hell.  Are we not so blessed to be traditional catholics and not have to go around confused until death?3/22/2008 3:38 PM

How important it is to teach our children our faith.  All you wonderful mothers who home school your kids are forming them for a happy and spiritually safe future.  Thank you moms who work so hard for the good of your kids.  Right now there is a dad and son visiting.  Some asked me if the son was homeschooled.  I said yes.  This person who asked said, he could tell that because he is so well adjusted and happy and respectful.  You parents, do not be discouraged