Together in Traditional Easter Joy

Easter is a time to look from the cross here on earth to the glory of the resurrection.  So for at least a day we need to rejoice.  We traditional catholics carry a much larger share in the weight of the cross.
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 We carry the cross out of concern for a world that has gone wrong, our church that has gone wrong in many areas and souls going the wrong way, that is hell.  But even Jesus stopped to let Veronica wipe the blood from His eyes and face.  IMG_8966

As I have said many times, it is important for us traditional catholics to gather together as much as possible to celebrate and to love each other.  We also want to love others too.  But we do need each other.  We are a tiny minority in a huge powerful world and church.  We are shunned.  We are called extremist.  We are called old fashion.  We are hated.  But we have God and each other. We are united by undying truth.  We have passion.  We have children, youth and young families.IMG_9315

Every  chance we can, we need to get together and rejoice in the fact that the resurrected Jesus is with us right now in every joy we experience and every sorrow we carry.  It is always easier to carry the cross together, rather than alone.  God never intended us to carry it alone, that is why He created His church.  That is why He gives us His mother Mary.  That is why He gives us the community of angels and saints.  That is why we have each other.  IMG_9320IMG_9312

We love Jesus so much, and His church so much.  That is why we suffer so much seeing all the liturgical abuses and the watering down of catholic truth.  It is because we love that we are ostracized.  But we will go on loving and suffering none the less.  But we will also go on rejoicing in the blessing to have discovered traditional truth.  IMG_9304

Rejoice and Be Glad and Play and Eat, after you have said Grace.IMG_9324IMG_9326IMG_9321