Traditional Good will Overcome Some Day

Holy Saturday is between sadness, relief and Joy.  We rejoice and are relieved that Jesus’ suffering in the Garden of Gethsemane, trial, scourging and crucifixion is over.  Jesus finished His mission.  Jesus endured His rejection and death.  Then came the  wait for the Resurrection.  And as sure as He foretold, He rose again.  For the Apostles and Mary, the time Jesus spent in the tomb must have felt like eternity.  But eventually the Joy arrived Easter Morning.  Crucifixion_VOUET, Simon 2

We traditional catholics feel, like Mary and the Apostles, that is taking eternity for the church to restore all over the Sacred Sacrifice of the Mass and all the other Holy rites.  Mary and the apostles had been told Jesus would rise from the dead.  I wonder if they may have forgotten that in the despair of the Crucifixion?  I know Mary remembered.  But she suffer the death of her Son none the less.  We know only too well that good will eventually overcome evil some day.  But we feel the pain everyday that Jesus is not respected in many many catholic churches all over the world.  If only Jesus could be respected as we respect people.  Thank you priest and catholics who do respect Jesus.GerardSeghers1

Jesus’ mission was completed.  But then the mission of the apostles and disciples began.  Our mission is to pray and work for the restoration of our holy Catholic Church.  Let us rejoice in the fact that we have the power of the Resurrection behind our mission. We need so much faith in that power.  Are we doing what God wants?  Of course.  Then let us rejoice that God will do many great things as we pray and work for our catholic faith.  We really have God working with us as traditional catholics.  For this we rejoice and are glad.