Betrayal of Judas, a Friend and Follower of Jesus

When Judas came to betray Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus said to him, “FRIEND”.  Judas was a good friend of Jesus at one time.
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 We know that Jesus reads hearts and knew when His friend Judas started changing from working with Him, to work against Him.  How much pain that must have caused Jesus.

Cristo-crocifisso-02Many people speculate what turned Judas against Jesus.  I would speculate it was the desire of the world.
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 Thirty pieces of silver.  It was not the silver that caused his heart to work against Jesus, but what that silver could obtain.  I have seen over and over people betraying good people to keep their jobs or their friendships.  The silver coins represent the illusion of security and pleasure.

What are the things or friends we would be willing to betray Jesus or some other friend?