The Value of Traditional Priesthood

Thank God that I am a Traditional priest.  Thank God for all the traditional priest in the world.  Thank God for all priest of the world.  8_4_vianney

What a great blessing it is to be able to bring God down from heaven in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  What a great blessing to be able to forgive sins in Holy Confession and save so many souls from hell.
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 We beg You God, to send holy workers into the vineyard.  As Mother Theresa said, “We do not need priest, we need holy priest.”  Please Lord help young men enter into Your priesthood.  Keep these young men pure, so that the lure of the flesh does not turn away in shame.  Give them the encouragement they need to leave all and follow YOU.canopy

We need to beg God’s forgiveness for all the sins we priest have committed.  The greatest is breaking our vows of celibacy.  The horror of taking away innocence of the little ones God has entrusted into our care.  Forgive us Lord for bringing shame upon the catholic church.  Everywhere people think of the catholic church as a place where children are abused by us priest.

Forgive us Lord for not speaking the truth so as to not be persecuted.  Give us the valor to be Men of God and to fight for your truth in a world that abhors your holy laws.  Help us worry about what you think of us in our priesthood, rather than what others think of us.
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 Our Lord

Dear Lord, give us the will to give up seeking things of this passing world so that we can give you our lives in service of your people and your church.  Mary, you are our mother.  Help us to be faithful priest.  Help us to be pure priest like you are.

Forgive us Lord for all the liturgical abuses we have allowed or have participated in especially when we have given Your Body and Blood to those in mortal sin or who are not catholics.  Forgive us the times we have celebrated the Holy Mystery of the Mass in mortal sin.   Fulton J. Sheen chalice

St. Joseph Caffaso said that a priest is neither human nor divine. He is somewhere in-between.  He said that priest are not good priest, simply because they do not understand the sublimity of their office.  He also said that God does hear the prayers of a priest over others because we are his prime minsters and God listens because He has elected us to be intercessors for His people.  Cristo sofferente Antonello_da_Messina

Please pray for all the traditional priest who are ostracized for being orthodox and wanting to keep the sacraments holy.  All over the world they are shunned and alone.  How can we traditional priest be evil if we are just practicing what the saints practiced for centuries?   Thank God that He has opened our hearts and minds to His wonderful treasure of the Tridentine Mass.  Thank God we are one with Him.